Public Safety Department

Safety Escorts

Students, employees and guests concerned about their personal safety during evening hours may be escorted, at no cost, by a Public Safety officer.

Officers escort up to three people per trip to a campus location or eligible University-Southside neighborhood location.

Request a Safety Escort

  • Call 320-308-3333
  • Provide your first name
  • Provide the number of companions, up to three
  • Describe your pick-up and destination locations
  • Be at the pick-up location when the escort arrives

Service Area

View a map of the service area (PDF).

Map of the escort service area


  • Escort trip must begin or end on campus
  • Choose a safe, well-lit location to wait for the escort
  • Other tasks may briefly delay the escort's arrival
  • People consuming alcoholic beverages cannot use the service
  • A vehicle will be used for off-campus locations
  • A vehicle may be used for individuals with disabilities. Student must be able to transition from a collapsible wheelchair to a Public Safety vehicle. MetroBus Dial-A-Ride Service is a likely option for others.
  • It is not a taxi service.
  • Sick or injured people cannot use the service. They will be referred to an emergency medical service. If a person becomes ill while using the service, Stearns County Dispatch Center will be notified.
  • Escorts are not provided during the daytime without the permission of the on-duty supervisor or department administrator.
  • Cold Weather Escorts are provided when the temperature is -10 degrees Fahrenheit

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