Public Safety Department

Active Shooter Situation

The odds of being involved in an active shooter situation are as rare as getting struck by lightning, but these incidents do occur. Here are tips on what to do during the event of an active shooter situation.

  • Treat any sound that is perceived as a gunshot as a gunshot until you know otherwise. Don't second guess. 
  • Make immediate decision:  
    • Figure out if you can escape, hide or fight. 
  • Have a survival mindset. 
    • Be mindful of your environment. Where are escape routes, opportunities to call for help, areas to hide. 
    • Pay attention to things that may seem out of the ordinary. 
    • Use all your senses to build awareness. 
    • Trust your intuition. 
    • Call 911 for help as soon as you get out of the situation. Don't assume someone else will call.  
  • If you can't get out, hide
    • Find a place hidden and well protected
    • Avoid places that would trap you
    • Lock the door, blockade the door with heavy furniture
    • Stay silent, silence your phone 
    • Spread out within the space
    • Call 911 when you are able 
  • Help others escape, make them aware of the situation, help anyone who is injured. 
  • If outside, stay in motion and find protection. 
  • If you can't escape or hide, or any other option, confront the shooter
    • Believe you can stop the shooter
    • Be aggressive to disrupt or stop the shooter
    • Yell, throw things, use improvised weapons
    • Be totally resolved and committed to your actions, don't hesitate
    • Act as a team with others around you 


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