Public Safety Department

Access Management

Building Access at St. Cloud State University

The safety and security of the University’s physical space and assets is a shared responsibility of all members of the University community. It is the policy of the University that access to the University’s facilities is controlled for safety and to prevent and/or limit potential loss. To meet this obligation, the provisions set forth address the design, administration and management of access control systems and measures to ensure their integrity. Access to the University’s facilities is considered a privilege, and is determined and assigned based on the specific needs and requirements of the University and the user.

The Public Safety Department will maintain oversight of all lock systems including hard key and electronic card access within all facility types (academic, research, athletic, administrative, and student life areas); however management and oversight of access for residence halls and apartments shall remain with the Residential Life Department and be subject to Student Life approved policies. The Public Safety Department will work with individual departments to create a satisfactory access system for department needs within the framework of the related policy and security constraints and conduct the maintenance on all hard key access.

Use Public Safety’s Access Service Request Portal to:

  • Request a physical key and/or electronic building access
  • Report a lost state key
  • Request a list of state keys issued to an individual
  • Return physical keys/request removal of someone’s building access