Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Applicant Information

We’re delighted you’ve decided to enhance your education through participation in our PSEO program!

Below we've listed the frequently asked questions we receive regarding our program for new and current students. Please contact us with any additional questions, or feel free to reference our student handbook. Links below can be used to request a session with a member of the PSEO Team.

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PSEO Eligibility and Admission Criteria

Effective for Fall 2020 and beyond, students seeking to enroll in our PSEO program must meet the following admission criteria:

11th graders must meet any one of the following:

  • Top third of their class
  • Nationally standardized test score listed below
  • 3.5 GPA
12th graders must meet any one of the following:
  • Top half of their class
  • Nationally standardized test score listed below
  • 3.0 GPA
Students may also be eligible for the program with any one of the following nationally standardized test scores:
  • ACT: 23 or above composite score
  • Pre-ACT: 22 or above composite score
  • PLAN: 19 or above
  • SAT: 1070 or above (math & critical reading)
  • PSAT: 1070 or above 

10th graders Staring Fall 2021, the PSEO program at St. Cloud State University will admit a limited amount of participating 10th graders. Please see the 10th Grade Application for more information.

Program Deadlines Complete files (application, registration form, transcripts, test scores as required) must be received or postmarked by statutory deadlines (June 1 for fall enrollment; November 1 for spring enrollment). Any student submitting forms or test scores after the posted deadlines may not be considered for PSEO enrollment.

Other Factors We strongly encourage applicants to also consider their maturity level. Students will be expected to contribute to classroom discussions, to work directly with faculty and program staff, and should be motivated and self-disciplined to attend class regularly, and meet course expectations.

Maintaining Eligibility Students participating in the program must maintain a semester & cumulative SCSU GPA of 2.0 or better to remain active in the program. Students who fail to meet the 2.0 semester & cumulative GPA requirement will be suspended from the program and must make arrangements to return to their high school. SCSU PSEO students must also follow University policies regarding credit completion rate percentages. It is imperative that students understand the grades they earn and will become part of their permanent college record. Performing poorly in PSEO can affect the ability to graduate from high school, gain college admission, financial aid, and status on University probation/suspension.

High school students must be admitted to each institution's PSEO program.  Admission to a different PSEO program does not guarantee admission to St. Cloud State University's PSEO program.

Application Process

Students seeking to enroll in the PSEO program at St. Cloud State must submit the following items:

  1. A completed PSEO program application
  2. A current Notice of Student Registration form
  3. An official high school/home school transcript
  4. An official test score report (if student does not meet GPA/class rank admission requirements)

All items must be postmarked by our posted deadlines Fall Semester - June 1; Spring Semester - November 1.

We strongly encourage early applications to ensure adequate time to complete all necessary application components (i.e. testing).

Advising and Orientation

All newly admitted PSEO students must participate in mandatory advising and orientation programming with the PSEO Team. This includes an online informational program and a 1:1 advising appointment. More details are available on the Student Advising & Registration section.

Course Registration

PSEO students register for classes at the end of each registration matrix. Registration dates are communicated regularly throughout the semester by the PSEO Team. Incoming PSEO students must complete advising and orientation programming to unlock their reg.

Students participating in the PSEO program at St. Cloud State are eligible to register for most 100 and 200 level courses. These courses are designed for first and second-year students and are generally introductory or general education courses. Students wishing to enroll in 300 or 400 level courses should discuss enrollment with the faculty member prior to their registration.

Placement Testing

Certain courses at St. Cloud State University require pre-requisite or placement test scores.  The need for placement testing will be discussed during advising appointments.

Additional information & testing requirements are available online:

Restricted Courses

PSEO students are restricted from taking developmental courses (listed below 100 level), ENGL 190, courses abroad, courses designated for a living learning community, and courses with a mid-semester start date. PSEO students may be restricted from enrolling in other courses based upon departmental needs and enrollment.

Students seeking to enroll in 300/400 level (upper division) courses are encouraged to discuss this decision with their advisor.

We encourage students needing developmental coursework to complete these courses at their high school.

Selecting Courses & Advising

Students must consult with their high school guidance counselor to determine how St. Cloud State University courses will transfer back to their high school. Incoming PSEO students will complete an advising appointment with a member of the PSEO Team to discuss other goals or intentions with PSEO coursework.

PSEO students will be assigned an advisor based on their academic goals. We encourage students to research the SCSU Liberal Education Program. PSEO students who are considering multiple colleges/universities following high school graduation should be in touch with those Admission/Registrar Offices to understand course and credit transfer policies, the receiving institution determines how credits will transfer to their institution. Many students benefit from using the Transferology system.


PSEO students may live on campus and will be placed on a floor with other students under the age of 18. Please contact the Office of Residential Life for a housing application. Please note that housing costs are not covered by the PSEO program and are the sole responsibility of the student. PSEO students living in campus housing are held to the same policies and procedures as undergraduate students, and should be socially mature and prepared for an independent living environment.

Dining on Campus

PSEO students that do not live on campus may purchase meals plans or Blizzard Bucks, Campus Cash, or use cash/check/debit cards to purchase meals and refreshments on campus. PSEO students who are interested in purchasing residential meal plans should contact Residential Life. These costs are not covered by the PSEO program.

Students are also free to bring food to campus and utilize the lounge areas for dining. Microwaves are available in many facilities.


PSEO students may purchase parking permits from the SCSU Public Safety Office for SCSU lots on a space available basis. Students may also purchase City of St. Cloud street permits. Other transportation options include off-campus parking, parking in campus pay lots, or utilizing the Metro Bus Program in St. Cloud (free for SCSU students with a campus ID card). Please note parking and transportation costs are not covered by the PSEO program and are the responsibility of the student.

Public Safety (320) 308- 3453
City of St. Cloud (320) 650-3374
Metro Bus Program (320) 251-RIDE (7433)

PSEO students may be eligible for assistance with transportation costs. To be eligible, a student's family must qualify with federal income guidelines. Students who qualify will work with their school district on the reimbursement process. More information is available at the Minnesota Department of Education's web site.

Taking Courses During Summer Sessions

PSEO students are eligible for courses during the regular academic year (fall and spring semesters only) through PSEO programming. High school students who wish to enroll in summer courses prior to graduating high school may do so by applying to SCSU as a "special student" but will be responsible to cover the tuition, textbook and fees.

Graduating 12th graders looking to continue with summer courses may apply as degree-seeking students and seek financial aid to assist with summer session costs.

Benefits of Being a SCSU PSEO Student

PSEO students can take advantage of the many great opportunities available for SCSU students, with few exceptions. PSEO students have access to most undergraduate student benefits. Students are eligible to join student clubs and organizations, access tutoring resources, utilize library resources, and stay engaged with campus recreation activities.

Early advising & registration programs are available to graduating PSEO students who are transitioning into degree-seeking students at St. Cloud State. Eligible students will receive an email invitation during spring semester of their 12th grade year. Students should be formally admitted to St. Cloud State by March 1 to be considered.

PSEO students who continue their postsecondary studies at St. Cloud State University may be eligible for the $1000 PSEO Husky Scholarship in their first year after high school graduation. Please reach out to a PSEO Admissions Counselor to learn more about this scholarship.


The PSEO program covers all applicable tuition, fees and required textbooks. The program also covers consumable supplies that are required specifically for a course, such as art supplies, film, etc. The program does not supply general school supplies or non-consumable supplies such as calculators, instrument rental, uniforms, etc. On-campus housing and parking costs are the responsibility of the student.

Textbooks purchase by the PSEO program are property of St. Cloud State University. These materials must be returned to the on-campus bookstore during finals week. Students will be charged for textbooks and materials not returned in a timely manner at 50% of the original purchase cost. Students are emailed a list of items they must return before the end of the semester. They must simply print off the list with their name and TechID and return the books to the PSEO student textbook drop off in the Bookstore (located in Centennial Hall).

The program will only cover expenses billed by the institution(s) to which PSEO students have been formally admitted. PSEO students will be responsible for any tuition, fees, and supplies at any institution(s) to which they are not admitted.

Grades & Transcripts

The PSEO program will send St. Cloud State University student transcripts to high schools after the grading deadline each semester. If grades for a student from a single course are not posted or a school does not receive the student's record, the student must coordinate submitting an updated grade report to the high school.

Students may access their grades online through the online e-Services. Remember that the courses completed through the PSEO program will become a permanent part of a student's permanent academic record. If printing grade reports for high schools, be sure to check "Display Name" upon logging into e-Services.

Students enrolling at other colleges or universities following high school graduation must request an official transcript through the Office of Records and Registration. *Please note Minnesota State campuses are able to secure a St. Cloud State transcript at no cost to the student, as long as they do not have a hold on their record. Students requesting transcripts sent to other campuses will be responsible for the processing fee.