Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)

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We're happy to share information about how to get involved with the Post-Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) program.

Teachers, principals, curriculum directors, and counselors can contact a PSEO program staff member listed below. 

Interested students should contact their high school teacher, counselor or principal about participating in our program.

Program Staff

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Maria Wright

Maria Wright

Director of Concurrent Enrollment

320-308-5535 | Administrative Services 103D
Abby Rittenhouse

Abby Rittenhouse

PSEO/S2S Admissions Counselor

320-308-5132 | Administrative Services 103B

Betsy MacDonald

PSEO/S2S Admissions Counselor

Administrative Services 103C
Chris Carlisle

Chris Carlisle

Officer Manager - Concurrent Enrollment

320-308-5758 | Administrative Services 103

Other helpful contacts

Admissions Office

320-308-3981; 877-308-SCSU

Advising and Student Transitions