Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)

Information for Families

Family support is a large component of a PSEO student's success. Because having a student attend college can be very different from a student in the high school setting, we have compiled the following list of ways you can support your SCSU PSEO student.

PSEO Family Listserv
For the 2018-2019 academic year, we will again be running a PSEO Parent/Family Email Listserv. If you are interested in receiving email updates about the PSEO program (deadlines, program reminders, etc.), please email your name & email address to: with the Subject Line: "PSEO Family Listserv"

Ways that you can help your PSEO student be successful

#1. Be a good listener. Your student will probably want someone to talk to about their 'college' experiences and their classes. Encourage them to be open and discuss their experiences with you.

#2. Encourage your student to talk with their professors. This may mean talking to an instructor before class begins, or staying late to have a quick conversation. Faculty members also have office hours where your student could introduce themself, get clarification on an assignment, or ask questions about a lecture.

#3. Support your student's future goals and stay current on their college search. Encourage your student to visit campuses, apply to colleges/universities, and to apply for scholarships and financial aid. Be sure to help them note all applicable deadlines, as they vary from campus to campus.

#4. Stay informed! PSEO students receive frequent emails regarding upcoming deadlines and requirements. Encourage your student to check their St. Cloud State email account frequently for program updates and information from their faculty members.

#5. Develop an open communication system. As the University is limited through our contact with you through FERPA, students must work directly with their parents/family members when dealing with grades, attendance, time and money management, etc.

#6. Encourage your student to be active - join one of our 250+ student clubs, utilize our fitness facilities, or experience weekend activities like free campus movies and athletic events at St. Cloud State, as well as maintaining their ties with their high school and their friends.

PSEO students will also be required to be more autonomous than their high school peers. PSEO students must keep up with readings, assignments, quizzes, tests and projects on their own, by following along with their syllabus. Encourage your student to stay caught up in their classes, and to study continuously.

Despite their efforts, some students may still struggle in their college-level coursework. We recommend that PSEO students seek help quickly to allow as many opportunities to catch up and succeed in their courses as possible.

Students may get assistance from a number of offices and services, including:

Academic Learning Center, provides study and reading assistance to SCSU students to help them become more efficient and effective learners, as well as peer tutoring for a number of general education courses.

The Write Place offers free, one-on-one tutoring to all members of the St. Cloud State University community.  Writers at any stage in the writing process can work with trained writing consultants, who will help them identify writing strengths and potential problems, teach students strategies for revision and editing, and provide information about writing conventions in the academy

Math Skills Center offers free tutoring for a number of SCSU math courses.

More information on the wealth of Academic and Student Services.