Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)

Student Benefits

Student Benefits

Graduating PSEO Students

To thank you for your participation in the St. Cloud State PSEO program, students who are graduating from high school who have been involved with the PSEO program receive a number of 'perks.'

Admission as a Degree-Seeking Student

Students considering enrolling at St. Cloud State after high school and their PSEO experience must apply for degree-seeking admission to the University by submitting an application for admission and official high school transcripts. Please reach out to the PSEO Team if you have any questions.


Scholarships are available to new degree students who meet scholarship criteria. These scholarships are offered through the Office of Admissions and awards are included in student's official acceptance packet. Details on scholarship eligibility and amounts are available online.

Advising and Registration Days

All PSEO students who are transitioning into degree-seeking students must attend an Advising and Registration Day. Please visit the website for additional details & to register.

Students who earn a minimum of 15 credits of St. Cloud State coursework through the PSEO program will be invited to take advantage of early course registration in April by attending an expedited Advising and Registration Day. Students must be admitted by March 1 for this benefit. Information will be emailed to qualified students by March.

Students not meeting the minimum credit requirements, not applying for degree-admission by the deadline (March 1) or choosing not to schedule and attend an April PSEO advisor meeting are required to attend a full day, summer Advising Day program and will register on that day.

Don't forget... Now that you're becoming a degree-seeking student, you'll also be eligible for financial aid, on-campus housing and many other campus resources. If you have earned college credits through other campuses, be sure to send a transcript from that college/university to St.Cloud State to ensure a smooth credit evaluation if you haven't already.

Attending another College/University?

Be sure to send an official St. Cloud State transcript to your new school to ensure your credits are evaluated in transfer. Students attending another Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (Minnesota State) campus will not be charged for official transcripts sent. Students attending all other colleges/universities will need to follow the guidelines for sending transcripts.