Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)

Admitted Student Information

The PSEO Advising & Registration program is designed to help you transition from high school student to official St. Cloud State student. We require this program to explain how our program works and the expectations we have of you as a PSEO student. You must complete the PSEO Advising & Registration program prior to your initial 1:1 advising appointment and registering for courses.

Admitted PSEO Student Checklist:

STEP 1: Activate your Star ID (your username and password for all Minnesota State campuses)

Go to: to activate your Star ID. Use the 'I know my email' activation option, and use the email address you used to apply to the program. Having difficulties? Contact our Tech Support at (320) 308-7000. 

STEP 2: Complete the online PSEO Advising & Registration program.

This will orient you to the PSEO program at St. Cloud State. To access this program, students must log in to their D2L Brightspace using their Star ID & password. Find the PSEO Student Handbook course. Once logged into the course, find the Materials drop down menu and select Content. Here students will find the New PSEO Students: Start Here! module where they can find the Online Advising & Registration for Incoming PSEO Students. Students will be required to submit information from the PSEO Advising Form (included in their admission letter) to complete the program.

STEP 3: Initial 1:1 Advising Appointment

Upon successful completion of the PSEO Advising & Registration program, the PSEO office will be notified that a student is ready for the 1:1 Advising Appointment. The PSEO Office will reach out to the student directly to schedule this appointment. During this appointment, we will discuss transferring official scores/credits, registration, and placement testing.

STEP 4: Register for classes

Register for courses when the new PSEO student registration window opens. Students must complete Steps 1-3 to unlock their registration window.

Fall 2021 Incoming PSEO Students: Registration will open at 8 a.m. on July 26. The PSEO staff will be available via Zoom and in a computer lab on campus to assist with registration as needed on July 26 and July 27, 2021 from 9am-3pm each day. More information is available in D2L.

STEP 5: Attend Huskies First Four Days

This event is optional, but highly encouraged for our PSEO students. Participants can get a tour of campus to see where classes are, meet the PSEO Team, get your textbooks, and more. Feel free to invite your family!

Fall 2021 Incoming PSEO Students: On August 19th, students can participate in PSEO-specific and campus orientation activities. We highly encourage students to attend Huskies First Four Days with their undergraduate peers on days 2-4.

PSEO Advising & Registration FAQ

What if the date doesn't work for me?
The PSEO Advising & Registration program is available asynchronously online to complete at your own pace. Feel free to complete the program with friends or family.

Is the PSEO Advising & Registration program required?  
Yes, all new PSEO students must complete the PSEO advising and registration program prior to course registration.

When can I access the PSEO Advising & Registration program?
Students may access this program within a couple days of admittance.

How long is PSEO Advising & Registration Day?
This program will take you at least 1-2 hours to complete online at your own pace.