Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)

Student Orientation

The PSEO Orientation program is designed to help you transition from high school student to official St. Cloud State student. We require an orientation program to explain how our program works and the expectations we have of you as a PSEO student. You must attend an orientation program prior to registering for courses.

Admitted PSEO students - please complete the following steps:

STEP 1: Activate your Star ID (your username and password for all Minnesota State campuses)
Go to: to activate your Star ID. Those of you who did not list your SSN on your PSEO application may need to use the 'personal email address' activation option instead of 'tech ID'. Having difficulties getting this? Contact our Tech Support at (320) 308-7000.

STEP 2: Register for an on-campus Orientation Program.

  • Register for your PSEO Orientation Program online at:

  • Students who will only be taking one online course who live outside of the St. Cloud region may have the option of a phone/Skype session. Please contact a staff member for details by calling (320) 308-6075.
  • Students should activate their StarID and bring it to Orientation.

STEP 3: Print & Complete the PSEO Advising Form
Please work with your high school counselor to identify the SCSU courses you need to fulfill your high school graduation requirements and confirm with your high school how many credits you need in each area. Be sure to include your emergency contact person's information and information on college credits you've already earned (AP, College in the Schools, other PSEO, CLEP, etc.). Bring this completed form with you to Orientation so that our staff can help provide the best advising possible.

STEP 4: Complete Placement Testing (if needed).

  • Registration for some courses is based upon placement scores from the  ACT, SAT or Accuplacer. Please see the Placement Testing Policy to determine if you need to test or not and schedule your placement test. Staff in Advising & Student Transitions can assist you in course recommendations as well. We  strongly encourage you to complete placement testing prior to your registration  to avoid any conflicts in securing the classes you want. We have simplified the Accuplacer registration process for PSEO students. Simply log into the ACCUPLACER system and check "PSEO English" or "PSEO Mathematics" or both, depending upon the placement test(s) you need. However, we recommend you take the ACT and use those results to determine if you need Accuplacer to avoid excessive testing.

STEP 5: Attend Orientation

  • Students should plan to bring a state-issued photo ID, their Star ID and password, and their PSEO Advising Form
  • Confirmations are sent via email to student addresses. Please check your inbox for details on the location and parking information.
  • Note: This format does not allow for individual advising appointments. Students are to come to the program with a list of courses they need to fulfill their high school graduation requirements and their St. Cloud State equivalencies. Students who have completed all high school requirements should spend time prior to Orientation considering course options, academic interests and possible major programs. We strongly recommend you connect with the college/university you plan to attend following high school for course recommendations as well.

STEP 6: Secure your St. Cloud State ID card, textbooks, materials, parking permits, meal plans & anything else you'd like before classes begin. We recommend doing these activities in August before fall classes and January before spring classes begin.


Orientation Frequently Asked Questions:

What if the date doesn't work for me?
We understand that many students have busy schedules, with family vacations, basic training, work, etc. If you are unable to attend our group session, please contact our office to schedule an alternative. You will not be able to register before the group sessions, but we will work to accommodate your needs within reason on an individual basis.

Is orientation required for students who live out of the area and are only taking an online class?

Orientation is required for all new PSEO students. But students who live out of the area (more than an hour), those only taking an online class, and those that would face significant challenges in getting to campus for the program may have the opportunity for a Skype or phone appointment. Please contact us via email explaining your situation and we will attempt to schedule an alternative for you.

Do I have to bring my parent/guardian?

Many of our new PSEO students choose to bring someone with them to Orientation. We welcome parents, guardians, family members and friends, as well as siblings. Just remember that you as the student will ultimately be responsible for the program policies and expectations. Parents/guardians are not able to attend “in place of” their student but are welcome to accompany new PSEO students.

When will I get my confirmation?

Students will be emailed to confirm their date selection. Detailed confirmations are emailed to students prior to their orientation, and include parking instructions, driving directions and room locations.

How long is PSEO orientation?

Our program typically lasts four hours. Students are required to participate in the large and small group sessions, but may opt to leave before course registration if they feel comfortable registering on their own.

Is there anything I can do to prepare for Orientation?

Absolutely! We recommend students "play" around with our registration system to get comfortable with the tool and research courses before orientation when possible. Once your Star ID is activated, we encourage you to log into your e-Services account (go to and click on "myHuskyNet" on the very top of the page). Once inside, you can start to search for courses you're interested in taking, and add them to your "Cart". Spending some time in advance thinking about your schedule, the courses you're interested in, and seeing what's open will make registration much smoother. There is an online registration guide available. We recommend using Step 7 to search for courses.