Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)

Forms and Handbooks

PSEO Program Overview

Check out our Joint PSEO Program Overview Recording with St. Cloud State & SCTCC!

Please note SCSU PSEO admission criteria has changed since this recording. Starting Fall 2021, SCSU will admit a limited number of PSEO sophomores. Please see sophomore application for more details.

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Application Forms

PSEO Applicants must submit a complete application packet for admission before it will be reviewed. This includes:

  1. PSEO Program Application
  2. Notice of Student Registration (NOSR)
  3. Official high school transcripts (sent directly from high school electronically or by mail)

Orientation Form 

  • PSEO Advising & Registration Form This is required as part of our Orientation program. New students should complete the online form prior to their Advising & Registration program. Advisors will use this information throughout your PSEO experience.  Students who have earned previous college credits should bring colleges/universities transcripts and/or AP score reports to orientation. Score reports/transcripts that have already been mailed to St. Cloud State do not need to be resent.

Handbook & Academic Calendar

Earning your Associate of Arts (AA) degree as a PSEO Student

  • Steps to earn your AA degree Step-by-step instructions on how to earn your AA degree as a PSEO student

    The AA option is best for students planning to transfer to a college outside of the Minnesota State system as it can ease the transfer process. This includes privates colleges and out-of-state schools. Students interested in the AA need to meet with a PSEO advisor to discuss if it is the best option for them.

Textbook Return/Reimbursement Forms

  • PSEO Student Bookstore Return Form
    A list with the materials that students have to return will be emailed to each student individually a few weeks before courses end.
  • PSEO Book Reimbursement Form
    PSEO students who have to purchase an item online or outside of the St. Cloud State Husky Bookstore must obtain special approval to be reimbursed under PSEO. Please email, ATTN: Maria Wright or visit Administrative Services room 103 for more information.
  • Minnesota Vendor Registration Link
    This is the link to register as a vendor with the State of Minnesota.
  • Minnesota Vendor Registration Instructions
    This link provides step-by-step instructions to register as a vendor with the State of Minnesota. Please contact the Vendor helpline at 651-201-8106 for additional support.

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