Residential Life

Take full advantage of St. Cloud State University's tradition of excellence and opportunity -

live on campus!

We are excited that you are considering making the SCSU residence halls your home! Where you live is one of the most important decisions you will make as a student. St. Cloud State University Residential Life has everything that you need and more!


  • Students playing foosball

More than 80% of your time will be spent outside of the classroom, so your living environment is very important! Your entire university experience, from your academics to your social life, will be affected by where you choose to live. We offer convenience, accessibility, and countless opportunities to play an active role in campus life through leadership in organizations, on-campus employment, and participation in a multitude of events and activities. You will meet people from around the world and develop friendships that will last a lifetime.

Your only chance to live in a residential community may be during your university years. We hope you take advantage of everything we have to offer. We think you will like what you see!

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