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Student Opportunities

The Physics & Astronomy Department is dedicated to helping students learn and grow as scientists.  We encourage and support our majors in a wide variety of research and service opportunities.



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Student Research

Undergraduate research is extremely valuable for students and is highly encouraged by the department.  Ask a professor and get involved!
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Physics and Astronomy Student Research, Fall 2016 - Summer 2017

  • Tyler Baxter -- Laser-Induced Carbon-Doped Carbonate Propellant Decomposition for Beamed Energy Propulsion (with Prof. Sinko)
  • Benjamin Boe -- Dirac's Inferno: Quantum Mechanics (with Prof. Haglin)
  • Eu Sheng Chung, Amila DeSilva, and Dareck Tamariz -- Vision System for Factory (with Prof. Sinko)
  • Alexis Corbett, Travis Hislop, and Meredith Rupp -- Diffuse Reflectance Study of Thermochromic Materials for Sustainable Energy Coatings (with Prof. Sinko)
  • Chris Crawford -- Supernova Shockwaves through a Nebula-like Plasma (with Prof. Polomski and Prof. Sinko)
  • Sam Hartman -- Torsion Pendulum for Laser Thrust Detection (with Prof. Sinko)
  • Seth Hennagir -- Charge Carrier Mobility Studies in Polyacenes (with Russ Lidberg)
  • Travis Hislop -- Development of a Random Number Generator for Modeling (with Prof. Liu)
  • Anthony Kunkel -- Light from Freezing Quarks (with Prof. Haglin)
  • Michael Rogers -- Photophysics of Organic Materials by Pump-Probe Spectroscopy (with Russ Lidberg)
  • Yesenia Vega -- Effects of Laser Conditioning of Thermochromic Materials (with Prof. Sinko)

Physics and Astronomy Student Research, Fall 2015 - Summer 2016

  • Sutapa Biswas and Michael Severson -- Magnetic Mirrors and Plasma Trapping (with Prof. Sinko)
  • Christopher Crawford -- Photometry and Multiwavelength Analysis of a Star Formation Region (with Prof. Polomski)
  • Christopher Crawford -- Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition of Diamond-like Carbon (with Prof. Sinko)
  • Clinton Dawson -- The New Space Race (with Prof. Lee)
  • Dustin Gilyard -- Laser Plasma Generation for a Propulsion System (with Prof. Sinko)
  • Dustin Gilyard -- Pulsed Plasma Thruster (with Prof. Sinko)
  • Seth Hennagir -- Charge Carrier Mobility Determination of Polyacenes by Time-of-Flight (with Russ Lidberg)
  • Seth Hennagir -- Charge Carrier Mobility Determination of Rubrene Derivatives (with Russ Lidberg)
  • William Julius -- High Voltage Electric Modification of Photo-Electric Absorption in Metallic Foils (with Prof. Sinko)
  • Jon Lepp -- Multispectral Diode Laser (with Prof. Sinko)
  • William Muench -- Fiber Optic Detection of Plasmas within a Vacuum Environment (with Prof. Sinko)
  • Michael Rogers -- Photophysics of Organic Based Solar Cell Materials Studied by Pump Probe Transient Absorption Spectrometry (with Russ Lidberg)
  • Grant Schellberg -- Fresnel Lens Oven (with Prof. Sinko)
  • Tyler Schweisthal, Martin Mutai, and Michael Lachner -- 3-D Printed Tracking Telescope (with Prof. Sinko)
  • Rita Schwieters and Travis Hislop -- Four-Wave Mixing for Solid-State Materials (with Russ Lidberg)
  • Rita Schwieters and Travis Hislop -- Four-Wave Mixing System Design for Chemical Sensing (with Russ Lidberg)

Physics and Astronomy Student Research, Fall 2014 - Summer 2015

  • Tyler Baxter -- Concept Study of a Novel Photon Sail / Astronaut Retrieval using High Power Lasers (with Prof. Sinko)
  • Intana Chanthirath -- Modeling Diatom Properties (with Prof. Haglin)
  • Maria Gaffney -- Optical Analysis of Liquid Crystal Smart Material for Sustainable Energy Coatings (Prof. Sinko)
  • Joseph Harter -- Lateral Field Studies of Organic Semi-Conductor Crystals (with Prof. Lidberg)
  • Travis Hislop -- Nontoxic Ammonium Iron Citrate Holography (with Prof. Sinko)
  • Casey Rowe --  Optical Instrumentation and Analysis of Semi-Conductor Materials (with Prof. Lidberg)
  • Justin Ruud -- Radiation Transport Calculations (with Prof. Ratliff)
  • Daniel Sapp -- Gravitational Effects of Compact Objects (with Prof. Haglin)
  • James Sweeney -- Optical Measurement of Plasma Properties (with Prof. Sinko)

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External Research Opportunities

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