Department of Physics and Astronomy

Research and Capabilities


Computational Physics

Optics and Photonics

Materials Science

Laser Ablation

Space Science

Nuclear and Health Physics

Physics & Astronomy Education

Aerospace Capabilities

-18" spherical HV vacuum chamber (microTorr)
-6" CF MV vacuum chamber (milliTorr)
-4" CF LV vacuum chamber (Torr)
-Residual gas analyzer (<200 amu)
-120 W 13.56 MHz RF generator and matching network
-30 kV benchtop high voltage test stand

Scientific Optics Capabilities

-High-Speed Video (b/w, 150,000 fps)
-Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy
-UV-Vis-NIR Spectroscopy (200-1030nm)
-Fiber optics

High Power Lasers

-0.5 W, 80 MHz, femtosecond titanium sapphire (rp)
-2 W Line-tunable Argon-ion (cw)
-2 W Nd:YAG w/ HG (rp 0.1 J/pulse)
-10 W RF-excited TEA CO2 (quasi-cw)
-Nitrogen laser (rp 0.00003 J/pulse)

Materials Capabilities

-Raman Microscopy
-Confocal Surface Profilometry