Department of Physics and Astronomy

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Aerospace Capabilities

-18" spherical HV vacuum chamber (microTorr)
-6" CF MV vacuum chamber (milliTorr)
-4" CF LV vacuum chamber (Torr)
-Residual gas analyzer (<200 amu)
-120 W 13.56 MHz RF generator
-30 kV benchtop high voltage test stand

Scientific Optics Capabilities

-High-Speed Video (b/w, 200,000 fps)
-Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy
-UV-Vis-NIR Spectroscopy (200-1030nm)
-Fiber optics

High Power Lasers

-0.5 W femtosecond titanium sapphire (rp)
-2 W Line-tunable Argon-ion (cw)
-2 W Nd:YAG w/ HG (rp 0.1 J/pulse)
-10 W RF-excited TEA CO2 (quasi-cw)
-Nitrogen laser (rp 0.00003 J/pulse)

Materials Capabilities

-Raman Microscopy
-Confocal Surface Profilometry



Research at St. Cloud State University

Research and Capabilities

This table links to six specific research topics: astrophysics, computational physics, optics, materials science, nuclear and health physics, and aerospace science

AstronomyAstrophysics image (sun with sunspots)

Astronomy education research, Indigenous astronomy, Science communication (Dr. Lee)

Computational PhysicsResearch image (computational lab)

Computational techniques applied to a variety of fundamental physics problems (Dr. Haglin)

Optics and Photonics
photo of interferometer using a green laser

Quantum optics of entangled photons (Dr. Liu)
Interferometry for gas detection (Dr. Sinko)

Materials Science
Research image (Materials science)

Heat transport: color-change coatings (Dr. Sinko)

Laser Ablation
Aluminum being vaporized by a laser beam

Laser-based active orbital debris removal, Laser tractor beams, Basic physics of laser ablation, zinc oxide nanoparticles (Dr. Sinko)

Space Science
plasma in a vacuum chamber

Very High Energy Astrophysics (Dr. Wilcox)
Laboratory supernova simulation (Dr. Sinko)
NASA DASH instrumentation (Dr. Harlander) 

Nuclear and Health Physics

 Radiation & Health Physics (Dr. Ratliff)

Physics & Astronomy Education

Astronomy Education Research (Dr. Lee)
Physics Advanced Laboratory Activities (Dr. Liu)
STEM Education Research (Dr. Haglin)