Department of Physics and Astronomy

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Aerospace Capabilities

-18" spherical HV vacuum chamber (microTorr)
-6" CF MV vacuum chamber (milliTorr)
-4" CF LV vacuum chamber (Torr)
-Residual gas analyzer (<200 amu)
-120 W 13.56 MHz RF generator
-30 kV benchtop high voltage test stand

Scientific Optics Capabilities

-High-Speed Video (b/w, 200,000 fps)
-Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy
-UV-Vis-NIR Spectroscopy (200-1030nm)
-Fiber optics

High Power Lasers

-0.5 W femtosecond titanium sapphire (rp)
-2 W Line-tunable Argon-ion (cw)
-2 W Nd:YAG w/ HG (rp 0.1 J/pulse)
-10 W RF-excited TEA CO2 (quasi-cw)
-Nitrogen laser (rp 0.00003 J/pulse)

Materials Capabilities

-Raman Microscopy
-Confocal Surface Profilometry

Recent External Grants to Physics/Astronomy Faculty

-Fall 2017: Rudolph Technologies - Equipment Donation (fs TiSa lasers), $100,000
-Spring 2018: MN State: Equipment for the Expansion and Enhancement of Materials Characterization, 
[Sivaprakasam, Miltenoff, and Sinko]
-Spring 2017: MN State: Initiative to Transform Education, Research and Workforce Development at St. Cloud State University and Partnering Institutions, $98,414
[Sivaprakasam, Petitto, and Sinko]
-Fall 2014: NASA - Minnesota Space Grant, $10,000
[Lee: Native Skywatchers - Course & Teacher Workshop]
-Fall 2014: Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Department, $5,000
[Lidberg: NanoVox: Create Minnesota State hub]
-Fall 2013: ATK Spacecraft Systems and Services, $245,045
[Harlander: ICON Satellite Project Initial Support]
-Fall 2013: National Science Foundation, $160,524
[Womack: NSF Directorship]
-Spring 2013: Lightmachinery, Inc., $16,389
[Harlander: Real Fringe DASH Development]
-Spring 2013: Fond du Lac Tribal and community College, $11,774
[Lee: Environmental Modeling and Research Experience]
-Spring 2013: Minnesota State, $9,292
[Lee: Native Skywatchers-Diversity Mini-Grant]

Recent Internal Grants to Physics/Astronomy Faculty

-12/2015: SCSU Faculty Improvement Grant, $8,000
[Sinko: Laser Electric Thruster Development]
-11/2015: SCSU University Researcher, $5,000
[Sinko: Propellant Development for Laser Tractor Beam Retrieval of Astronauts]
-11/2014: SCSU New Researcher, $7,999.80
[Sivaprakasam and Sinko: 'Smart Material' Coating for Sustainable Energy]
-11/2014: SCSU Faculty Improvement Grant, $9,988
[Liu: Developing an open source electronic device for the next generation laboratory physics education]
-2013: SCSU University Researcher, $9,992
[Guster and Haglin: Optimizing Nano-tube Characteristics to Increase the Hydrogen Absorption Rates in Hydrogen Fuel Cell Design]
-2013: SCSU Faculty Improvement Grant, $7,325
[Lee: Native Skywatchers: Dissemination of Dakota Star Knowledge]
-2013: SCSU University Researcher, $5,000
[Lee: Native Skywatchers - Ojibwe Star Knowledge Book and Pursuit of National Funding]
-2012: SCSU New Researcher, $4,000
[Lee: Native Skywatchers: Star Maps]


Research at St. Cloud State University

Research and Capabilities

This table links to six specific research topics: astrophysics, computational physics, optics, materials science, nuclear and health physics, and aerospace science

Astronomy and AstrophysicsAstrophysics image (sun with sunspots)

Laboratory supernova simulation

Computational PhysicsResearch image (computational lab)

Theoretical modeling

Optics and Photonics

Quantum Optics (entangled photons),
Optical interferometry

Materials Science and Photonics
Research image (Materials science)

Laser ablation of materials,
Structural glasses, Color-change solar materials

Nuclear and Medical Physics


Space Science and Propulsion
Research image (Space science and propulsion)

 Interferometric sensors, DASH (satellite) data,
Laser propulsion