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2022-04-04 Physics Student Awarded Huskies Summer Research Fellowship

Congratulations to Brian Davis, who was awarded a Huskies Summer Research Fellowship. Brian will work with Dr. John Sinko on a summer research project entitled "Laboratory Tests for Laser Removal of Steel Orbital Space Debris"

2022-02-18 Proposal Enhancement Grant Awarded

Congratulations to Dr. John Sinko (Physics & Astronomy), Dr. Ahmet Serdar Sezen (Mechanical Engineering), and Dr. Eric Little (Mechanical Engineering) who were awarded $5,520 through an SCSU Proposal Enhancement Grant for their intersciplinary research project "Laser Vaporization Tests of Simulated Orbital Debris in Free Fall." In this project, an MME senior design team will design and build a sphere launcher to simulate orbital debris, then the physics team will engage the test spheres in a vacuum chamber to test the efficacy of using high energy lasers to remove small debris. The research will engage students from the Physics & Astronomy Department and Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Departments.

2021-10-29 SCSU Physics & Astronomy Dept. Annual Test of Gravity a Success!

From 4-5:30 p.m. CST on Oct. 29, 2021, the Physics & Astronomy Club successfully completed the annual test of gravity. The Hydro/Geo Club and Psychology Club were also in attendance as around 20 St. Cloud State University students and approximately 10 professors dropped or observed a set of about 20 donated test objects (selected from the finest, well-esteemed cucurbita pepo) to determine if St. Cloud, Minnesota was still in compliance with gravity. Physics students Avelyn David and Tyler Buddhu, working with Prof. Liu of the Physics & Astronomy Department, also included an accelerometer embedded within one of the test objects. Physics major Veronica Sevilla-Rubi designed a flyer for the event. Physics & Astronomy Club president Tyler Buddhu, along with Drs. Jackson, Shah, and Sinko helped with organization, logistics, and cleanup. Dr. Sinko recorded high speed video of the tests. It is with pleasure that we report that gravity is still working in St. Cloud (for now).  We currently anticipate the need for additional tests in the future on roughly an annual basis.

2021-04-23 Physics Students Present in MN State Scholars Conference!

Congratulations to our physics students Amrit Chhetri, Veronica Sevilla Rubi, and Naqsh E Zafar, who delivered oral presentations in Oral Session 3: Applications of Science in the 10th Annual Minnesota State Conference of Undergraduate Scholarly and Creative Activity, hosted virtually this year by Saint Cloud State University in Zoom and Presenters were scored by a panel of independent faculty judges. Naqsh and Veronica won the 'Best in Session' award, impressing the judges with an engaging talk about laser space debris removal.

2021-04-20 Student Finalists in 2021 Virtual Huskies Showcase!

Congratulations to our physics students Amrit Chhetri and Elatia Zaffke, who were recognized for outstanding written work in the Huskies Showcase, Saint Cloud State University's annual event celebrating student research, creative, and scholarly activity. Amrit and Elatia both wrote exceptional research reflections for the event aligned to Our Husky Compact, and presented virtual oral presentations in Zoom on April 20, 2021 for this year's online Huskies Showcase.

2021-02 AAAS Early Career Award

Dr. Annette Lee earns AAAS Early Career Award

Astrophysicist, artist and professor Dr. Annette Lee earned the prestigious 2021 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Early Career Award for Public Engagement in Science for her collaborative, culturally relevant and community-focused projects grounded in indigenous knowledge of the stars. She was honored at a virtual awards ceremony on Feb. 10, 2021.  More information can be found here.

2019 Educator of the Year Awards and Outstanding Educator Designations

Physics professors Dr. Kevin Haglin and Dr. John Sinko were recognized as SCSU Outstanding Educators and subsequently selected as Minnesota State BOT Educators of the Year.  The Outstanding Educator designation is a university-level award. Applicants must first be nominated by a colleague, then complete a lengthy portfolio to provide a holistic presentation of their teaching. These portfolios are reviewed by a university-wide panel organized by the SCSU Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, which recommends candidates to the SCSU University President.  SCSU President Robbyn Wacker designated a total of four Outstanding Educators for the 2018-2019 period, also including Prof. Nancy Sundheim from the Department of Environmental & Technological Sciences, and Prof. Matthew Julius from the Department of Biological Sciences.  The Outstanding Educator portfolios are subsequently considered by a Minnesota State systemwide panel and only six of these submissions from across the entire state were selected as Board of Trustees Educators of the Year.  More information can be found at this website: Board of Trustees Excellence Awards.



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