Huskies Advance

How Huskies Advance Works


Huskies Advance

Show the world what you can do.

You are interested in HuskiesAdvance. What’s next?

  1. Let us know. Submit the HuskiesAdvance Interest Form to share which track(s) you’re interested in and a bit about yourself. A HuskiesAdvance Coach will contact you to answer your questions and explore the tracks. Even if you haven’t decided on a track, you are welcome to participate in events and opportunities to connect with other students, faculty, and alumni.

  2. Get On Track. When you have decided on a track, formally join the program by submitting the OnTrack form. We will connect you with your track mentor to begin creating your individualized plan.

  3. Build your HuskiesAdvance PlanWorking with your mentor, you will identify four experiences. Your choices can be from a pre-approved list or you can submit an experience of your own design. One experience from a previous educational, volunteer, or work experience can also count towards your plan. To earn your HuskiesAdvance recognition, your plan will include the following experiences:
    • One classroom-based,
    • One co- or extra-curricular,
    • One with an organization or effort outside of the University, and
    • A second experience from one of the categories above.
  1. Reflect on each experience. HuskiesAdvance is all about connecting what you’ve learned through each experience in alignment with your goals. After each experience, you will share a short written reflection and have a conversation with your mentor to demonstrate how you’re growing in your HuskiesAdvance journey. 

  2. Tie it all together. Connect your learning over the entirety of your HuskiesAdvance plan through development of an ePortfolio. Your ePortfolio will document your growth in the track and help you make connections from each of your experiences.

  3. Share your HuskiesAdvance learningAn important outcome of HuskiesAdvance is being able to share what you know and can do to future employers or graduate schools. Your ePortfolio, working with a mentor, and networking with other students, faculty, staff, community members, and alumni gives you the chance to jumpstart your career.

  4. Be recognized. Once you successfully complete your HuskiesAdvance track you will be recognized during commencement. You will also have a HuskiesAdvance designation on your transcript and earn a digital credential that can be shared on your electronic profile.