Huskies Advance

Huskies Advance


Show the world what you can do.


What is HuskiesAdvance?

HuskiesAdvance is a new, innovative program to help you connect your major with your passion through curricular, co-curricular, and real-world experiences. You will work with a mentor to create a personalized track plan to align your goals and interests. By completing a HuskiesAdvance track, you build a professional network, create a professional portfolio, and earn a digital credential.


Is HuskiesAdvance available to every St. Cloud State University student?

Any undergraduate student who wishes to participate in the program is welcome. All you need is a desire to make the most of your college experience. If you are counting down the semesters to graduation, it is not too late to participate. This year’s juniors and seniors can count two previous experiences toward their plan.


What is required to complete a HuskiesAdvance track?

You willwork with youmentor to identify four courses or experiences to complete while at St. Cloud State. Each track choices has pre-approved experiences or youcan submit one of your own design. One previous experience may count towards completion of HuskiesAdvance. Each plan will include the following experiences:

  • One classroom-based
  • One co- or extra-curricular
  • One with an organization or effort outside of the University
  • A second experience from the list above



How do know which track is right for me?

The track you select will depend greatly on your passions, as well as your major. Once expressing interest in the program, a HuskiesAdvance Coach will help to select the best track for you, along with experiences that align with the track and your goals.


Who will my mentor be?

Mentors are University faculty and staff who want to mentor students, often passing along the wisdom, support, and caring that they received from mentors in their lives. HuskiesAdvance staff personally pair each mentee with their track mentor based on their personal, academic, and professional goals.


What will my mentor do?

One of the advantages of HuskiesAdvance is having an individual mentor who will work closely with you to personalize your track, reflect on your experiences, and articulate what you are learning. Mentors are faculty and staff chosen for their interest in the track topic and highly eager to help you identify and accomplish your goals.



How do I choose my HuskiesAdvance experiences?

Your mentor will help you select which experiences fit your passions, goals, and needs. Each track has identified experiences that align with the track, or you can propose an experience. You may already be participating in an experience that qualifies, such as being a Community Advisor, serving as a leader in a student organization, having an Education Abroad experience, doing an internship, or completing research with a faculty member. Many students will be able to also count their HusiesAdvance course for a Liberal Education Program Goal Area or their major requirements.


How much time will HuskiesAdvance take?

If you complete one HuskiesAdvance experience each semester, you can finish your track in 2 years. Most HuskiesAdvance students already have done, are doing, or plan to do experiences that will count towards fulfillment of a track.


Is there a cost to be in HuskiesAdvance?

There is no charge for the program. Regular tuition and fees apply to courses taken for HuskiesAdvance.


What is the Student Professional Development Fund (SPDF)?

A generous donor has created a professional development fund specifically for HuskiesAdvance students. Each student can apply for up to $250 in funding to support their experiences such as presenting at a conference, obtaining materials for a research project, or participating in an on-line internship. Your mentor will guide you to the best use for your professional development funding.


How do I share with potential employers the benefit of a HuskiesAdvance credential?

There are three ways to demonstrate what you have learned in HuskiesAdvance. The HuskiesAdvance digital credential communicates how you combine your interests with your passions to create a more specialized approach to your education. Your ePortfolio documents the learning you gained, and the notation on your transcript denotes your HuskiesAdvance completion.


Who can answer my questions?

The HuskiesAdvance staff and mentors are ready to answer any questions you might have, and help you get started on your HuskiesAdvance journey. To get in touch, submit the Interest Form or contact HuskiesAdvance at or (320) 308-3310