Huskies Advance


Huskies Advance

Show the world what you can do.

Civic Engagement

Cultivate your active participation and leadership in public life and desire to create positive change.

Civic Engagement

Through your experiences in the Civic Engagement track you will:

  • Understand the reciprocal nature of addressing community and public goals.
  • Develop and cultivate your civic identity, understanding that it is a process.
  • Advocate for community and public change.
  • Develop cultural competence and appreciation for diversity.
  • Communicate effectively across varied community and organizational structures and environments.



  • Tracy Ore, Sociology 


Quality Assurance Team

  • Marla Kanengieter, Professor, Department of Communications Studies
  • Beth Knutson-Kolodzne, Associate Director, Department of Campus Involvement
  • Dr. Eddah Mutua, Professor of Communications Studies
  • Laura Finch, Professor, Kinesiology


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