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Huskies Advance

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Environmental Sustainability

Develop your capacities to support the health and welfare of our current and future ecological systems and build a sustainable planet.

Environmental Sustainability

Through your experiences in the Environmental Sustainability track you will:

  • Identify critical environmental justice issues in a global context.
  • Understand the role of environmental sustainability in promoting social justice issues.
  • Apply critical thinking skills to provide sustainable solutions for building sustainable communities.
  • Analyze available data and information toward creating sustainable solutions for desired future conditions.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of various sustainability practices in addressing important issues such as climate change.



  • Tracy Ore, Sociology


Quality Assurance Team

  • Ann-Marie Finan, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology
  • Tracy Ore, Professor, Department of Sociology and Director of SCSU Community Garden
  • Kristian Twombly, Professor of Music


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