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Show the world what you can do.


HuskiesAdvance will be with you every step of the way.

You will be connected with a HuskiesAdvance Coach once we receive your Interest Form. Your coach will help you identify which track best meets your goals, while connecting you to HuskiesAdvance events. Once you know the track that’s right for you, complete the OnTrack form. You will be paired with a HuskiesAdvance Mentor who will work with you to develop your personalized plan, while supporting your learning, andchallenging you to show the world what you can do.


HuskiesAdvance Tracks

Environmental Sustainability develops your capacities to support the health and welfare of our current and future ecological systems and build a sustainable planet.

Social Justice empowers you to address inequalities in wealth, privilege, and access to resources that are based on differences of an individual’s identity.

International Engagement highlights your passion for understanding our world and expanding your knowledge of countries and cultures outside of your lived experience.

Entrepreneurship taps your desire to create, invent, and determine your own economic future, as you develop innovative solutions to problems big and small.

Leadership fosters your drive and expands your ability to inspire and effect positive change in organizations and communities.

Civic Engagement cultivates your active participation and leadership in public life and desire to create positive change.


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