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International Engagement


Show the world what you can do.

International Engagement

Highlight your passion for understanding our world and expanding your knowledge of countries and cultures outside of your lived experience.

International Engagement

Through your experiences in the International Engagement track you will:

  • Understand the historical, social, technological, environmental, political, economic, etc., perspectives on Global systems.
  • Discover new international or intercultural environs.
  • Exemplify personal and social global responsibility.
  • Develop human skills as pathways to cultural competencies.
  • Take a stand on global challenges.


Sample Courses and Co-Curricular experiences:


  • Global Aging (GERO 470)
  • Cross-Cultural Psychology (PSY 330)
  • Elementary Spanish (SPAN 101)
  • Intercultural Communication for the Global Workplace (CMST 439)

On-Campus Experiences

  • Culture-based Student Organizations
  • International Student Peer Advisor

Off-Campus Experiences

  • Education Abroad and Away
  • Global Friends


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