Huskies Advance


Show the world what you can do.


What is HuskiesAdvance?

HuskiesAdvance is a new, innovative St. Cloud State University initiative that allows students to connect their major with their passion through curricular, co-curricular, and real-world experiences. Students work with a mentor to create a personalized track that aligns with their goals and interests. By completing a HuskiesAdvance track, they build their professional network, create a professional portfolio, and earn a digital credential.


What is required to complete a HuskiesAdvance track?

To successfully complete a track, students work with their mentor to identify four courses and experiences. Their choices come from a pre-approved list or they can identify one of their choosing. Students can apply to have one experience from a previous educational, volunteer, or work experience count towards completion of HuskiesAdvance. To earn recognition, their plan will include the following experiences:

  • At least one classroom-based
  • At least one co- or extra-curricular
  • At least one with an organization or effort outside of the University
  • A second experience from the list above


Is HuskiesAdvance available to all students?

Absolutely! Any student who wishes to participate in the program is welcome. Students complete the Interest Form to begin their HuskiesAdvance journey.


How can I get involved in HuskiesAdvance?

Since HuskiesAdvance is a campus-wide initiative, there are opportunities for everyone to contribute to its’ success. 

  • Offer a course or experience to be included in one or more tracks.
  • Serve as a mentor. Mentors for each track to help students create their plans, discuss reflection questions after each experience, and be a supportive and knowledgeable guide as students work towards their goals. For more information on being a mentor, contact HuskiesAdvance.
  • Each track has a quality assurance team to create the track outcomes and reflection questions, approve courses and experiences, and enhance the track experience for students.


What are the benefits of my course being approved for a HuskiesAdvance track?

  • It will increase awareness of your program and college. 
  • Students will grow in their interest & passion for your field.
  • You support HuskiesAdvance students' interests, goals, and passions.
  • You are part of the individualized student support initiative for It’s Time.


What are the benefits of having my co-curricular (job, internship, volunteer, or program) experience count towards a track?

  • You will have additional students to assist in your projects/work.
  • Students can explore their interests in your program.
  • You will support HuskiesAdvance students' interests, goals, and passions.
  • You will be contributing to an innovative program that sets SCSU apart!