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We're here to help you get started and finish a graduate program at St. Cloud State University.

Alongside an exciting academic experience, you'll find our on-campus and online orientation sessions and our Graduate Student Handbook will help you navigate your graduate school journey.

We offer help with finances through graduate assistantships, work experience programs and financial aid.

Our student life guide will help you and your family, if they have joined you, connect to activities and resources on campus and in the community.

We help you begin the work of developing a career and a plan for professional development.

And we guide you along the path to completing your graduate program.

Graduate Research Retreat

Information and Inspiration for graduate student and faculty researchers. Friday, Oct. 12, 9 a.m.-1 p.m., Alumni Room. Lunch provided. See Huskies Connect for More Information and to RSVP by Oct. 9

Graduate Student Appreciation Week

We host Graduate Student Appreciation Week in late March or early April at St. Cloud State. This event is our opportunity to celebrate the contributions of graduate students to our community.

The National Association of Graduate and Professional Students encourages colleges and universities to honor their graduate students with a Graduate Student Appreciation Week. 

Fun events and free stuff all week