School of Graduate Studies

Culminating Projects


As a graduate student, your culminating project, whether it is a thesis, starred paper, creative work, portfolio, or dissertation, is a demonstration of your ability to research, analyze, integrate, synthesize, and reflect your expertise in your chosen field of study.

You have spent years on your post-secondary education, and all of those challenges and efforts are represented through this document.

Along with your committee members and mentors, the School of Graduate Studies understands that your work also represents St. Cloud State University. One of our priorities is to ensure that you are as proud of your work as we are. Our guidelines will lead you to a successful completion and submission.

An electronic thesis and dissertation (ETD) submission into the Institutional Repository (IR) at St. Cloud State University is integral for your culminating project to be accessed throughout the world.

To this point, works from students have been downloaded in almost 100 countries with frequency. This means that you are a representative of the University and your work is being used as a catalyst for someone else’s research in a particular field or subject, so quality and accessibility are common goals of the ETD process.


Types for a Master's Degree

Doctoral Dissertation


Institutional Repository

Distinguished Master’s Thesis Award