School of Graduate Studies


Please complete digital forms, save, and email to advisors for signatures.  Once completed, submit to or as directed on the form. Submission to the Graduate Studies email will generate an automatic response indicating the email has been received and a request for service has been created. Email is preferred. if you need to fax a form, please call us at 320-308-2113 for a current fax number.



Advanced Standing
Doctoral students' application for advanced standing credit.

Advisor Change
Request a change of advisor.

Deferred Admission Request
Request your admission to be deferred up to 1 year from your original term of admission.

Graduate course permission
Undergraduate request for a graduate course. Submit to the School of Graduate Studies.

Graduate overload petition Permission to enroll in more than 15 credits per semester during the academic year or 15 credits during intercession, summer sessions I and II.

Individual, independent study
Approval to register for 501, 600, 790-795, 890 and other independent study or arranged courses.

Leave of absence or "stop out"
Request a leave.

Appeal/Petition/Request Update an approved program of study, request transfer classes, request exceptions (repeats, validation, extensions, etc.) Other requests for Graduate Studies consideration or to appeal a decision of the School of Graduate Studies.

Registration petition
Request late withdrawal/drop or late add requests.

Program of Study
File a program of study with the School of Graduate Studies (required for all students prior to completion of 15 graduate credits).


Certificate of completion
$10 application fee.

Graduation and Commencement
Complete at the beginning of the semester in which the work for the degree will be completed.
Fee: $30 masters, $35 doctoral

Culminating Project Committee

Culminating Project Committee Forms

Committee approval
Request approval of a culminating project committee.

External committee member
Request approval of a committee member who is external to St. Cloud State University such as a community member or a faculty member at another institution.




Verification of F-1 Student's Employment on Campus
Information regarding the employment of international students.

Preliminary committee meeting/proposal
Provide results of the preliminary or proposal meeting to the School of Graduate Studies.

Final committee meeting/final defense
Provide results of the final committee meeting or final defense to the School of Graduate Studies.