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St. Cloud State University Exercise is Medicine on Campus Initiative recognizes there are many benefits of exercise, including a positive effect on mental and physical health and aims to make physical activity accessible and welcoming for all students. The Husky Physical Activity and Wellness Program (PAW) is an exercise wellness program that matches students with a trained coach or professional to make and execute an individualized exercise plan.

When working with your coach, you will participate in free individual sessions to explore physical activity options on campus. During these sessions, you and your coach will:

  • Develop and implement an individualized physical activity plan
  • Learn creative and consistent ways to participate in physical activity to make exercise a consistent part of your life
  • Be given support, motivation, and accountability

All of our sessions start with an initial consultation and series of evaluations (such as Functional Movement Screen (FMS), bioimpedance, blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation level), the development of an Individualized Exercise Prescription Plan, and then an exit plan for continued physical activity on campus.

Whether you are engaging in physical activity for the first time, redefining what a healthy relationship with physical activity looks like, using physical activity to improve your mood, stress management, or coping skills or just want to have fun and make a new connection, the Husky PAW program is here to help you thrive!

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