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St. Cloud State at Plymouth helps working professionals in the Twin Cities area establish and enhance careers.

Our graduate programs in Plymouth offer cutting-edge, quality education with career and professional development opportunities in in-demand industries that benefit Minnesota’s workforce. Our students don’t enroll just to get jobs; they enroll to become leaders.

Located near the intersection of U.S. Highway 169 and Rockford Road, St. Cloud State at Plymouth has premiere programs and faculty from the Herberger Business School, the College of Science and Engineering and the School of Education.

Programs Available at St. Cloud State at Plymouth

Doctoral degree program for working professionals in:

Graduate degree programs for working professionals in:

Classes leading to Minnesota Administrative licensure (Masters plus 30 cr) in:

  • Special Education Director
  • Community Education Director
  • Principal
  • Superintendent

---------------Helpful Information-----------------

For Prospective Students - Upcoming MedTech Information Session Conversation:

Nov. 14 information session - more info to come


For Current Students: (Finding your calm) (OPT Workshop)

Plymouth Graduate Student Arrival Guide



Become a part of ENCQR now, a student organization for the Emerging Network of Clinical, Quality and Regulatory professionals. 

Please feel free to register using huskies connect 

We are happy to announce our new core committee 

  • ENCQR Organization Advisor – Will Collis- Prather
  • President –Torana Khubalkar(MTQ)
  • Vice President – Sheila Oluchi Iteghete(ACR)
  • Treasurer – Billy Nduwimana Siyomvo(MTQ)
  • Secretary – Swati Kotamraju(RAS)
  • Secretary – Brenda Robles Espinosa (ACR)
  • Event Manager– Karthiha Ramalingum (ACR)
  • Career Outreach Committee Co-chair – Sateesh Kyasaram(RAS)
  • Career Outreach Committee Co-chair – Varsha Jainapur(MTQ)
  • Membership Committee Chair – Gunjan Suda(ACR)

Values of being a part of ENCQR member
• Develop you network of Clinical, Quality and Regulatory professionals
• Make connections directly with company representatives 

  • Take advantage of all the professional development events
  • Get an opportunity to learn for the Alumni on how to be successful
  • Make sure you are part of the fun events to relieve stress from school and work!!

Torana Khubalkar, President ENCQR


School of Graduate Studies Recorded Meeting Links:

Thursday, Aug. 27, Noon-1, International Student Health Insurance

Thursday, Sept. 10, Noon-1, Library Resources

Thursday, Sept. 24, Noon-1, Career Center Resources

Information and links to register are also found on the School of Graduate Studies Getting Started webpage.

Plymouth Huskies First Four Fall 2020 Information

  • CIS International Student Information Session check-in, CPT, OPT, and STEM Extension information presentation and question and answer session contact Kristy.
  • Day 4: ENCQR Emerging Network for Clinical, Quality and Regulatory Professionals ENCQR Welcome Sep 2020 New.pptx
  • Day 3: MedTech Orientation (Zoom & *In-Person room 101) Click for zoom recording: Tuesday, Aug. 25, 6 p.m. 
  • Day 2: Plymouth Facility Orientation (Zoom & *In-Person room 101) Click for zoom recording: Monday Aug. 24, 5 p.m.
  • Day 1: Graduate Studies Self Care and Engagement (Zoom) click for zoom recording: Thursday, Aug. 20, 5 p.m.

*In-Person we welcome you to campus and ask that you fill out the required Self-Assessment regarding your health and safety prior to coming to campus 

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