Graduate Admissions

Next Steps for Admitted Students

Congratulations! You’ve been admitted to graduate studies at St. Cloud State University. Here, you’ll be surrounded by people who, like you, are curious about the world—and who want to broaden the scope of their own world.

Admission to the graduate program means you recognize the importance of investing in a global education.

Now That You’re Admitted

StarID Setup

Your first step to accessing all of the systems and services you need to start your journey as a graduate student is setting up your StarID. Follow these instructions to get started!


If you’re interested in applying for scholarships, a variety of domestic graduate scholarships are available on an annual basis for fall semester. The application deadline is March 15. Applicants are notified of decisions by April 15.

International graduate scholarships are available for students starting throughout the year.

Graduate assistantships

Full-time students who have been admitted to a graduate program are encouraged to apply for a graduate assistantship.


On-campus and off-campus housing and an estimate of housing and living expenses are available for graduate students. St. Cloud’s cost of living is comparable to other Upper Midwest cities its size.

New Student Orientation

A variety of orientation options are available for all new graduate students through the School of Graduate Studies. If you have questions – such as where to park or how to register for classes – the virtual orientation will provide answers. While the virtual orientation is meant to help new graduate students, it can serve you throughout your graduate career at St. Cloud State University. 

International students should expect to attend the listed orientation sessions and view the International next steps. International students who do not have a completed baccalaureate or graduate degree from a U.S. institution will be registered for EAP 151. This is a required administrative orientation course. Sponsored students (Fulbright, Muskie, IREX) are not required to complete this course. 


If you still have questions or need more information, contact us or stop by anytime at the School of Graduate Studies, Room 121, Administrative Services Building, in the center of campus. For questions directly related to your program of study, please contact your graduate coordinator/director. 


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