Our Decision Process

Applicants are admitted based on the strength of their undergraduate and graduate record and admission materials. An applicant may be unconditionally admitted, provisionally admitted, conditionally admitted or receive a language admission.

The St. Cloud State University School of Graduate Studies complies with all National Association of Graduate Admissions Professionals (NAGAP) ethics policies and standards. 

Types of Admission

Unconditional Admission

This status is granted to applicants who have fully satisfied the admission requirements of the School of Graduate Studies and the graduate program.


Provisional Admission

This status is granted, at a program's request, to academically strong applicants whose application files are missing an item or who need to submit official documents. A provisional admission status allows the student to start classes, but within the first semester the provisionally admitted student must submit the missing materials. If unofficial documents were submitted with the application, it is imperative that official documents are submitted during the first term of enrollment.

  • A student will not be allowed to continue as a provisionally admitted student beyond one term.
  • Official documents must be submitted during the first term of enrollment for continued registration opportunities.

Conditional Admission for Domestic Applicants

Conditional Admission is granted to domestic applicants who do not satisfy the minimum GPA or the minimum GRE score requirements, or who have deficiencies in their undergraduate preparation. The offer of a conditional admission is recommended at the program level. A domestic applicant who has been admitted conditionally will complete an educational plan with their program that specifies a minimum of six to nine credits to be completed with a grade point average of 3.25 or higher in the first term of enrollment. Upon completion of this requirement, the student's academic record will be reviewed for consideration to be granted unconditional admission. 

Denial of Admission

A denial determination indicates an applicant has been denied admission to a degree program and may not earn a graduate degree from St. Cloud State University even if he or she has successfully completed advanced courses. Reapplication does not guarantee admission to the School of Graduate Studies. 

A denial decision may be due to the limited number of available spaces for new students to be admitted within some programs. Applicants with weak academic records or limited probability of succeeding in graduate work may be denied admission to a degree program and permission to take graduate courses. Applicants may also be denied if the program involved and the dean of the School of Graduate Studies concur that the applicant does not meet the professional standards commonly required for a student earning a graduate degree in the discipline.


Students planning to take a leave of absence or returning to SCSU after a leave of absence from graduate work may require readmission. 

Deferral of Admission

  • If you are admitted and need to defer your admission, you may defer enrollment for up to one calendar year if approved by the graduate program director and to the School of Graduate Studies.
  • Complete the Deferred Admission Request Form and submit to Graduate Admissions before your original intended term of enrollment begins. Graduate Admissions will coordinate with your graduate program director and the Center for International Studies and will notify you of your eligibility for deferred admission.
  • This process allows an admitted student three semesters (including summer term) from the initial desired term to enroll without needing to reapply.
  • Example: An applicant applies and is admitted to an upcoming fall semester. If approved by the program, the admitted student may defer admission to the following fall semester (one year later). If the applicant sought to defer to the spring semester outside of that one year, a new application and application fee would be required for reconsideration.
  • Extensions beyond three semesters (including summer term) from the initial desired term will necessitate the need to reapply and submit an application fee.
  • Doctoral students may defer enrollment for up to two years to join the appropriate cohort. 

Readmission Guidelines

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Language Admission Opportunities

Admission opportunities for international applicants with low TOEFL or IELTS scores.

Language Admission Opportunities

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