Graduate Admissions

Wait Lists

What if Your Program is Full?

Enrollment space in some programs is limited to provide you with the best educational experience possible at St. Cloud State University. Programs that receive more applications from qualified applicants than spaces available necessitate the development of a wait list.

Decisions regarding admissions recommendations are made at the time of a program’s application review. Applicants are notified of their wait list status at that time. Some programs may ask you to confirm your interest in remaining on the wait list.

When to Reapply

You will need to reapply to the program each year. Contact us to reactivate your application and to find out which, if any materials and fees you need to resubmit. You may wish to update admissions materials such as your resume, essay or recommendation letters if changes have occurred since you last submitted these materials.

Contact Information

If your contact information changes during the time you are on a wait list, you can update it by emailing the School of Graduate Studies with your new mailing address, email address or telephone number.

Program-Specific Decision Dates

See the program website for decision dates or contact the program's graduate director with other questions.

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