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Accepted? Next Steps.


Congratulations on your acceptance to St. Cloud State! We are excited to welcome you to the Husky family. At St. Cloud State, you will find connection throughout campus that will help you unleash all that is within you. Before you begin your formal education, there are a few things you need to know on your way to St. Cloud. 


International Student Orientation is the best time to start your connection to campus. During this first week on campus, you will have the opportunity to not only get all your academic plans in place but you will also have the chance to meet other new and returning students!

International Student Orientation officially begins each semester the week before classes start on campus. 

Fall 2024 Orientation: August 13 - 16, 2024
Spring 2024 Orientation: January 4 - 5, 2024

If you already have obtained your visa you can register for Orientation and Huskies Advising and Registration. If you are not sure which orientation day to register for, please email and we will help get you to the person who can help. 

Planning your arrival

To help navigate you arrival to campus, here are a few pages to check out.

Additional information for students who are:

Overseas/Outside of U.S. - click links below for tips and resources to assist you in the visa process.

Already Inside U.S.

Transfer Notification Form Fill out part 1 and give it to an international student advisor at your current school along with a copy of your acceptance letter. He/she should fill out part 2. The SEVIS record should be released, and the Transfer Notification form faxed to St. Cloud State, no later than two weeks before the first day of classes at St. Cloud State. Your transfer I-20 will be issued after you arrive at St. Cloud State University unless you are leaving the country and need to have it sent to you prior to re-entry. Let us know!

If you will remain in the United States until you begin studying at St. Cloud State University, you will receive your transfer I-20 during the first week or two at St. Cloud State. If you leave the U.S., you may need to renew your visa.  In this case, please see the list of items you need to take with you for your visa appointment.

  1. Contact our office to let us know you will be traveling outside the United States and that you need an I-20 from us. 
  2. Acceptance letter
  3. Financial Documentation

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