International Admissions

Application Requirements

Application Deadlines - Undergraduate

Fall Admission

If you are not in the U.S.: July 1
If you are in the U.S.: July 15

Spring Admission

If you are not in the U.S.: Nov. 1
If you are in the U.S.: Dec. 1

Deadlines are our priority deadlines. Applications received after priority deadline will still be considered. However, we reserve the right to defer an application to the following semester if there is not adequate time to attend the first day of orientation. Admitted students are expected to attend four days of orientation.

Undergraduate Students

Apply early to ensure application materials are received by the deadline. Late applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

All Burundi applicants: Please pay the application fee after pre-approval from St. Cloud State University because the fee is not refundable.

1. Complete an application

Within a few days of submitting an online application, you will receive email notification that it has been received. 

If you wish to give a friend or relative access to your application, submit the Information Release Authorization (PDF) form.

Submit a paper application by mail

If you are unable to submit an online application, contact to request the PDF version of our paper application.

2. Submit your secondary school grade reports

For applicants who have graduated from a high school inside or outside the United States, please have your official transcript sent directly from the school.

Outside the US official transcripts which are not in English will need to be officially translated into English and sent to us directly from the school.

Send the original language and translated English official transcripts sent to:

St. Cloud State University
Attn: International Admissions
720 Fourth Ave. S.
St. Cloud, MN  56301  USA


Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education or O-Levels.

Report sent directly from the Bahamas Ministry of Education and Culture.

O-Levels report sent directly from the Cambridge Local Examinations board.


Students from Montreal may need to have transcripts translated by an official translation service or through the secondary (high) school and will need to have both the French and English versions sent from the school, and will be required to have an English proficiency exam (TOEFL, IELTS, etc).


The Ethiopian University Entrance Examination Certificate (official document will be returned to applicant) or attested copy by the EducationUSA office.


West African Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) and Scratch Card information.


Senior School Certificate Examination offered by CBSE.

Send official certificate or have it attested by United States-India Educational Foundation (USIEF).


Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) official document (will be returned to applicant) or attested copy by the EducationUSA office.


Send Secondary Education Board and Higher Secondary Education Board results attested by the United States Educational Foundation in Nepal (USEF - Nepal). 


West African Examination Council examination results (WAEC) Senior School or NECO Certificate and Access card (Scratch card).

Other Secondary School Options

International or American Schools

  • Official transcripts sent directly from the school in English

IGCSE or Ordinary Levels (O-Levels) and Advanced Level (A-Levels)

  • Submit exam reports by email for Cambridge as we can verify the report.
  • O-Levels you will need to have taken English, Math, a Science, a Social Science, and another subject of your choice. You will need to have received a C or above in the above subjects.
  • Exemption from English proficiency requirement if this is the secondary education information you are submitting for admission purposes. You may be requested to test for English placement upon arrival to campus.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

  • The International Baccalaureate (IB) full diploma is accepted for admission.
  • The diploma covers six subjects, three or four of which must be at the higher level and others at the subsidiary level.
  • View IB examination equivalents and credit awards for St. Cloud State.
  • Grades of 4 and above on each examination level are required.

Advance Placement

3. If applicable, submit your international university transcripts

  1. We need the official transcript sent directly from the institution.
  2. We need transcripts for all higher education (also called teritary, post-secondary, graduation) institutions you have attended.
  3. Transcripts need to be submitted in English (if it has been translated we need the official English translated transcript and the transcript in the language of the education system).
  4. We reserve the right to have the transcript evaluated by an outside agency.

Have the transcripts sent to:

St. Cloud State University
Attn: International Admissions
720 Fourth Ave. S.
St. Cloud, MN  56301  USA

4. If applicable, submit your U. S. transcripts

If applicable, submit your original, official U.S. high school and/or college/university transcripts from high schools and/or universities you have attended in the U.S. Original, official transcripts should be sent directly from the high schools and/or college(s)/universities. If you send them yourself, they must arrive in an unopened, official envelope.

Minnesota State Official Transcripts to St. Cloud State

If you have attended or are currently attending one or more Minnesota State system institutions, your official transcripts can be electronically retrieved by St. Cloud State. Check the Minnesota State system list to determine if your college is a member of this system.

Important: We will not be able to electronically retrieve your transcript(s) if you have holds on your records including, but not limited to, unpaid balance(s) on your records. It is your responsibility to ensure your records are free of holds in order for institutions to send or electronically retrieve your academic transcript(s).

5. Provide proof of English proficiency

Submit an official TOEFL or IELTS score report sent directly to us by the issuing agency (ETS for TOEFL or IELTS directly). You may also submit one of the additional English Proficiency options

  • The TOEFL code for St. Cloud State is 6679

Conditional Admission

St. Cloud State offers conditional admission to qualified undergraduate and graduate applicants who have been educated in a language other than English and whose academic record qualifies them for admission but whose level of English proficiency is lower than our academic requirements.

If you need more information about St. Cloud State's conditional admission, contact

6. Provide financial documentation

As required by U.S. immigration, F-1 international students must submit proof of financial solvency for the first year of their education at St. Cloud State University.

Fill out the Financial Form (PDF), print and upload into your online application. In addition, you will need to upload a Bank Statement with the following requirements:

  • prove you have a minimum of U.S. $23,000 available to support your education for the first year
  • originals, photocopies, scanned copies or faxed documents printed on bank letterhead and certified with the bank’s stamp or seal; we reserve the right to verify authenticity
  • be dated within six months of the application date
  • if financial support will be provided by anyone other than yourself, the sponsor must submit a letter in English indicating his/her willingness to support you or the sponsor must sign the above Financial Form.
  • if English is not the language in which the bank documents are issued, the bank documents must be accompanied by a certified, literal English translation.

*If your sponsor is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, he/she must complete the Affidavit of Support, in addition to supplying supporting financial documents.

The following documents ARE NOT ACCEPTED for initial applications to St. Cloud State:

  • bank statements older than six months
  • letters stating funds are available without listing actual amount available
  • documents showing fixed assets, such as land, equipment, and real estate
  • affidavits of support from non-immigrants residing in the United States

7. F-1 Transfer Students

F-1 students in the U.S. are eligible to transfer their SEVIS record to St. Cloud State from another U.S. college or university if they are in valid F-1 status at the time of transfer. There can be no more than a 5-month gap between schools from the last date of attendance. To start the process, apply for admission by following the international student application process.

Upon admission, complete the Transfer Notification Form (PDF) and ask your current international student advisor to release your I-20 to St. Cloud State in SEVIS. Your current school may require your St. Cloud State acceptance letter to transfer your SEVIS record.

Transferring credits to St. Cloud State University takes place after acceptance into the University. Please visit Next Steps for Transfer Students for more information about the transfer process for your academics.

Graduate Students 

Graduate students interested in pursuing a Master’s or Doctoral degree will apply for admission through the School of Graduate Studies. Application Deadlines vary by program and tend to be earlier than our undergraduate deadlines, please refer to your departments page for the deadline for your specific graduate program. The deadlines noted at the top of this page refer to Undergraduate programs only.  

Upon acceptance, the Center for International Studies will process your immigration document and mail an acceptance packet to you. You will also need to apply for a visa to study in the United States. 


Application Status

If you have questions about the status of your application, email us at

Please note: In order for us to process your I-20, you need to have uploaded financial documentation to the application or submitted proof of financial documentation to If you have not already done so, please do, as this will delay your I-20.

Additional Details on Studying in the USA

Visit the Department of Homeland Security website for more information on studying in the U.S.