International Admissions

Application Instructions

Please keep this document open or print it out so you can follow along while you complete your online application. If you have questions after you review the instructions or while you are filling out the application, please contact

  1. Click Apply Now
  2. Then click “Create StarID.”
  3. Enter your first and last name and your email address and re-enter the email address.
    • Create a password that you will remember and re-enter the password.
    • Click Get my StarID.
    • Make sure you write down or print the StarID information and remember your password as you will need it in the future.
    • Click “Next”
  4. Personal: Check that your name is entered as it is on your passport. Be sure to enter a middle name if you have one. Enter ALL names that you have on your passport. “Next”
    • You do not need to enter a Social Security number, but you do need to enter a Date of Birth with month/day/year. “Next”
    • Answer the questions about Veteran Status is optional, so you can click “Next”
    • Enter Parent education information which is also optional so you can click “Continue to Citizenship”
  5. Citizenship: Choose “International Visa Holder or Seeker” then “Continue to Contact”
    • Choose “I have an International Visa” if you already have an F1 visa and are in the US. If you do not have an F1 visa (or if you have another type of non-immigrant visa) choose “I am seeking an international visa”
    • Under type of visa, choose “F1, Nonimmigrant Student Visa” If you plan to change to a student visa.
    • Choose whether you are in or out of the US and select country of citizenship and country of birth, check that your Date of Birth is correct “Continue to Contact”
    • If you do not find the above stated option "International Visa Holder or Seeker", and are instead presented with the option of "other" you are completing the WRONG application. Do not proceed, as you are likely in our domestic application portal. 
  6. Contact: If you are out of the US, you are required to submit an International Address (Click “Add” to do so). If you are in the US, you need an International Address by clicking “Add” and a Local Address by clicking “Add” (address lines are 30 characters use the Address 2-5 lines for longer addresses). “Next”
    • At least one phone number is required. If out of the US, please provide a number we can text or call with the Country and City codes. If you are in the US, please provide your US phone number. “Continue to Education”
  7. Education -- High School: Select if you are currently in High School (Secondary School) “Next”
    • If you have finished High School (Secondary School) or the equivalent in your country select “Yes”
    • If you attend a secondary school outside the US, choose “Non-US” (at bottom of selections) for High School State and “Other-international” for the High School field; complete the High School (Secondary School) name and date of Graduation.
    • If in the US, select appropriately.
    • If you are currently in High School/Secondary school indicate your end date or graduation date.
    • Higher Education: If you attended a college or university whether inside the US or outside, you must indicate that you have done so. Click “Add Institution.” Select “Non-US/Canada” if the school is outside the US.
      1. If outside the US, select “Other Institution” and list the name of the school or schools you attended and the dates. Failure to list all education after high school may result in disciplinary action, denial of the admission decision, or withdrawal of admission at a later date.
      2. If you attended a college or university and have not earned a degree, select “Not Applicable.”
      3. If you are still in the college/university you are last attending, enter the End date as the last date you plan to attend the current college/university before enrolling in SCSU.
  8. Confidential: Demographic information is Optional. You may complete if you like, but not required.
  9. Major –
    • Select St. Cloud State University
    • Application Term: Select term you plan to start classes. St. Cloud State does not currently accept new applicants for the Summer (May) term.
    • Educational Intent: Select “Earn Bachelor’s (four year) degree” For most applicants. Certificate/diploma programs are not offered to international applicants without a degree program. Indicate “Full-Time Student” as all F1 visa holders must be full-time.
    • Academic Program of Interest: Select “On Campus.” Students taking on-line or by distance education options do not need to be in the US for those options. And cannot obtain a study visa. International students must have a major selected (you cannot select “Undecided” because the I-20 visa document must have an intended major).
    • Academic Program: “Next” or change it to what it should be.
    • Application Campus: St. Cloud State University
  10. Additional: This may or may not come up for you, please fill in or move to the next screen.
  11. Application Review: Review and Submit your application. Select the box next to St. Cloud State University and enter your password that you created at the beginning of the application. Select “Submit selected applications.”
    • Do not be immediately concerned with the Application Status page unless it states Manumitted. If Manumitted, Contact the number provided for help.
    • Otherwise, any other status, you can other go directly to the next steps (number 12 below)
    • Check the application requirements.
  12. The next steps: Wait 24-48 hours to allow your application time to be received by the department.
    • You should receive an email with a link to your Application Document Submission Form. Please submit all documents utilizing this link. DO NOT SUBMIT MULTIPLE FORMS. 
    • Request your official transcript be mailed to us using the instructions on the application requirements.
    • Request your official English language proficiency documentation be mailed to us through the testing center. 

If you have trouble with the application at any time, please contact or call +1 320.308.5288.

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