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Only individuals with approved delegation of authority are authorized to sign contracts. This authority is delegated by the President and filed in the Office of Finance & Administration.

Contracts must be prepared on forms approved by the State’s Office of Attorney General to assure that they include all state required contract language. Any modification of forms approved by the Office of Attorney General or the use of a non-system office form requires the review of the Office of Attorney General and approval of the Vice Chancellor-Chief Financial Officer.

Professional/Technical Contracts

Professional/Technical Contracts are used when people are to perform a task(s). These contracts are predominately “intellectual” in character, and may include:

  • consultation
  • analysis
  • evaluation
  • prediction
  • planning
  • recommendation of policies or courses of action
  • speakers and entertainers

Contracts with other Government Entities

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Other Procurement Contracts

For agreements such as financed purchases, land rental/leases, "Lease to Own" equipment agreements, contact the Purchasing Director (Lisa Sparks) for assistance or more information.

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Income Contracts

For income contracts and facilities use agreements please contact the Business Services Director (Jeff Wagner) for more information.

  • Income Contract (docx)
  • Amendment of Income Contract (doc)
    This Contract is used when the University is generating revenue from a non-State agency.

  • Facilities Use Agreement - Off Campus Only (doc)
    This agreement is designed for short-term (from 1 day to a semester) use of an off-campus facility owned by a third party. Examples: when a campus holds class(es) at a high school, community center, conference center, or other special purpose facility located off-campus.

  • Facilities Use Agreement - On Campus Only (doc)
    This agreement is to be used when third parties (non-Minnesota State) want to use Minnesota State on-campus facilities for shorter-term or sporadic use lasting less than one year. An Agreement should be executed and in place prior to a third party using a campus facility.

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