Advising and Student Transitions

Returning Students

If you have previously attended St. Cloud State and are planning to return to finish your undergraduate degree, there are several online and in-person resources available to assist you. You do not need to reapply for Admission. Please explore the following information and take the necessary steps to reenroll as you work towards completion of your St. Cloud State degree. We look forward to working with you again to meet your academic and career goals.

Update student information

We need your current contact information. Please log into your e-Services account with your Star ID and password. If you need assistance, please contact 320-308-2111 or

Click on "Account Management" (located on the left side of the screen) and then click on "Address Info." You can review and update your addresses by selecting from "Local," "Permanent," and "Diploma" (address you want your diploma mailed upon graduation).

Update transfer information

If you have taken courses from another Minnesota State College or University since you attended SCSU, please submit a request for an update to your degree audit to

If you have taken courses from the University of Minnesota system or any other college or university since you attended SCSU, contact those institutions and request an official transcript to be sent directly to:

Office of Records and Registration
St. Cloud State University
118 Administrative Services Building
720 Fourth Ave. South
St. Cloud, MN. 56301-4498

You may contact the SCSU Office of Records and Registration at: 320-308-2111 to confirm receipt of the official transcript(s).

In either case, you can obtain an evaluation of how your credits transferred through login to e-Services. Click on "Grades/Transcripts" (left side of screen) and then click on "Interactive Degree Audit Report".


St. Cloud State University offers academic advising from the following sources:

  • Undecided about a major. Contact Advising & Student Transitions in Centennial Hall, Room 366 or by phone: 320-308-6075 or by e-mail at:
  • Formally admitted to your major while previously attending SCSU but had not yet applied to graduate OR if you now have an intended major. Contact your major/minor department(s) directly to arrange an advising appointment with a faculty member. Be sure to mention that you are a returning student when making the appointment. Department and faculty contact information is available at: Academics
  • Herberger Business School majors and intended-majors: Contact the Business Advising Center in Centennial Hall, Room 229, or by phone: 320-308-3214, or by e-mail:
  • Applied for graduation while previously attending SCSU: Contact a graduation evaluator in the Office of Records and Registration by phone 320-308-2111 or by e-mail: The evaluator will obtain information from you and review your inactive graduation file. Please allow at 2-3 business days for this review to be completed. The evaluator will contact you with information and materials related to your degree progress to date. Where appropriate, the evaluator may schedule an appointment with you or may refer you to your major/minor department for additional advising.

Regardless of your situation, contact with an advisor is your opportunity to determine requirements you have already completed and any remaining requirements that are needed to complete a degree.

Register for courses

Go to the Registration Guide for registration information and step-by-step directions. Additional assistance with registration or other questions, please contact 320-308-2111 or e-mail

Your St. Cloud State e-mail account is the University's official means of communication and students are responsible for  information sent via e-mail. Please see the Information Technology Services website for information about technology resources at SCSU. You must be registered for courses in order to activate your account.

Depending on your situation, you may also want to contact the Financial Aid Office, the Business Services OfficePublic Safety (parking permits), Multicultural Student Services, Veterans Services, or other service offices for support. Their locations and contact information can be found at: Current Students.

Returning from Military Service

If you are returning from military service, please visit our Veterans Resource page for more information about Military Transfer Credits, educational benefits, and other resources available to you.

After doing so, please schedule an appointment with an academic advisor. Advisors can assist with selecting courses for the upcoming semester and answer any transition questions. Appointments can be scheduled with a general advisor by calling our office at (320) 308-6075, or you may work with a faculty advisor in your major.

Returning to SCSU for an additional degree

If you have earned your undergraduate degree from SCSU and want to return to for an additional undergraduate degree, follow these steps:

STEP #1: Contact the Office of Records & Registration

You are encouraged to consult with a Graduation Evaluator (320-308-2111 or The evaluator will obtain information from you, explain your options along with University policies and procedures, and provide instructions tailored to your personal goal.

STEP # 2: Contact the Department

Contact the major/minor department you are interested in for advising and official admittance to the program. Be sure to mention you are a returning student who already has a Bachelor's degree. The information you have received from the Office of Records & Registration will assist you and your faculty advisor to determine which course of action best suits your needs. You will be given instructions on how to be formally admitted to your program and advised on what courses to take. Department contact information is located at:

Once you have been formally admitted to your major/minor/degree you can obtain a copy of your degree audit by logging into e-Services. Contact the Records Office (320-308-2111 or if you need assistance with login. Click on "Grades/Transcripts" (left side of screen). Click on "Interactive Degree Audit Report".

STEP # 3: Register for Courses

See Register for courses above.

Returning after suspension

Students who are returning after completing their full suspension will reenter the University on academic probation. Before returning, you must meet with an academic advisor to create an Academic Success Plan. We recommend doing this mid-way through your suspension (March or October). You will remain on academic probation until you are in good standing. In many cases this takes more than one semester. If you achieve at least a 2.3 GPA for the term and a term credit completion rate (CCR) of 100% (grades A, B, C, D, not F, W, or I), you may remain on probation. If good standing or continued probation is not achieved, you will be suspended again.

Learn more about Academic Appeals.

Students in the ACE program who have been suspended will work with the ACE office to facilitate their suspension appeal. Additional steps may be required of suspended ACE students. Contact the ACE program staff at: