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CLEP (College-Level Examination Program) Exams: Computer-based

The College-Level Examination Program® or CLEP provides students of any age with the opportunity to demonstrate college-level achievement through a program of exams in undergraduate college courses. There are 2,900 colleges that grant credit and/or advanced standing for CLEP exams.  CLEP exams are offered on computer only. 

Fees and Registration

The fee for the exam is $80 plus a $30 non-refundable test administration fee.

CLEP exams are available by appointment. Register by going to the CLEP web site: www.clep.collegeboard.org or call the Testing Center at 320.308.5456 with questions.

College Credit

Check with the college identified as your score recipient about policies in granting credit or acceptance of a specific test. For information about tests accepted for St. Cloud State University credit, please contact the Office of Records and Registration at registrar@stcloudstate.edu or 320-308-2111 or review Transferology at https://www.transferology.com/school/stcloudstate.

Test Preparation

Study Guide information can be found at the CLEP web site listed below.

CLEP Web Site 


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