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Confidential campus resources for victim/survivors

The resources listed below are all able to protect your confidentiality by listening and offering assistance and options without having to report to university officials or police. Disclosures are never shared or reported without the explicit consent of the victims/survivor. If you are uncertain about whether you want to report, contact any one of these resources. 

Campus reporting resources (not confidential)

Other university employees are able and willing to assist you or another person who has been victimized, however, they are required to report disclosures of sexual violence, domestic violence, and stalking to university officials and cannot keep your information confidential.

Parents and families are not informed unless you tell them or sign a release, unless there is a significant threat to your health or safety.

The resources below are for reporting and are not confidential. 

Campus sexual violence-related resources

Off-campus reporting

If you have questions, concerns, and/or would like to consult about reporting options and/or who to report to, please contact an advocate at the Women’s Center at 320.308.4958. Crimes can be reported to the city police department or county sheriff’s office in which the crime occurred. If you would like to report to police and would like an advocate to accompany you, contact the Women’s Center. 

Community gender violence resources

Central MN Sexual Assault Center (CMSAC) | 320.251.4357

24/7 crisis line, sexual assault advocates offer free ongoing support counseling, support groups, assist with harassment (HRO) and protective (OFP) orders, accompany victims to court, safety planning, hospital advocacy and accompaniment, and more.

Anna Marie’s Alliance Domestic Violence Shelter and Services | 320.253.6900

Women’s shelter located in St. Cloud. Domestic violence advocates can assist with protective orders (OFP), accompany victims to court, safety planning, support groups, prevention/education programs, and more.

Day One | 1.866.223.1111

MN statewide crisis line for safe housing and services connection for survivors of sexual and domestic violence, stalking, harassment, trafficking, and other crime victims.

Standpoint | 612.343-9842

Statewide free legal resource and advice for criminal, civil, and immigration issues related to sexual and domestic violence, trafficking, harassment, and stalking.

Other gender violence resources

Abortion and Pregnancy Resources

Women's Center pro-life and pro-choice male accountability Ejaculate Responsibly Campaign:

Explore these resources if you are in need of abortion or pregnancy care: 

Other resources

Basic Needs Resources (for St. Cloud State students)

SCSU Library Student Parent Study Room

Campus lactation space locations

Central MN Legal Services | 320.253.0121
Legal aid for low-income folks related to HRO/OFPs, custody, housing, and disability issues

UnRestrict MN Guide to Getting an Abortion

Planned Parenthood | 320.252.9504
Birth control, HIV services, emergency contraception, pregnancy testing, abortion referrals, STD/STI testing, treatment, and vaccines

St. Cloud Hospital Emergency Trauma Center | 320.255.5656
Conduct sexual assault physical exams and evidence collection, treatment for any physical injuries, offer emergency contraception, STI and HIV prevention medication, or treatment during a mental health crisis. A sexual assault advocate from CMSAC will be called to respond and provide advocacy.

Rural Aids Action Network (RAAN) | 320.257.3036
Free HIV & Hepatitis C testing, medical case management for people who are HIV positive, food voucher program, medical transportation assistance, support groups, syringe exchange

Student-created Resource Guide for being an ally to trans athletes.
"The consensus among scholars from multiple disciplines, including human biology, kinesiology, law and policy, and gender studies, is clear: the future of sports for women and girls includes both transgender and cisgender women and girls." From Athlete Ally.org

More local resources

(320) 308-4958

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