Women's Center

Events and Programs

The Women’s Center offers a wide variety of programming throughout the academic year. Our events and programs address issues that explore multiple facets of women’s status, gender, sexism, feminism and equity. Much of our programming is reflective of, and of interest to, diverse audiences. This includes students, staff, faculty and community members, and individuals across the gender spectrum.

The Women’s Center sponsors several events that are ongoing or reoccur annually. More information is provided in the drop down menu. Some events and programs vary year-to-year because they reflect current issues and concerns. Programming is organized by committees of Women’s Center students and staff members.  Student leadership of programming, coupled with a commitment to diversity, is integral to educating the campus community about gender equity issues.


Start Smart Workshops

Feb. 25, 5-7:15pm
March 19, 5-7:15pm
April 10, 9:30-11:45am

All Dates:  Glacier North, Atwood Memorial Center

Attend a free and interactive AAUW workshop designed to give college women the confidence and skils they need to earn fair compensation.

Learn important information and tips about:
-the wage gap
-negotiating wages/benefits
-skills to benchmark salaries for specific job titles

*Designed for women, but all genders welcome