Women's Center

About the Center

Mission Statement

With passion and purpose to advance women and support gender equity, the Women’s Center promotes a safe, inclusive and engaged community through advocacy, education, alliance-building and women’s leadership. 


  • Create and sustain a safe, non-sexist, non-oppressive environment at SCSU.
  • Promote a strong and diverse feminist community at SCSU and in the local area.
  • Engage in and support feminist activism to challenge institutional and individual sexism, and other forms of oppression.
  • Provide and support leadership that values women’s perspectives, achievements and scholarship.
  • Empower women to lead successful, satisfying, engaged and healthy lives.


  • Educate the campus community about issues impacting women’s lives through programming, events, celebrations and presentations.
  • Provide advocacy, counseling support, information and resources to address gender-related violence, such as sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking, as well as other issues influencing women’s opportunities, rights and success.
  • Support women and others as they challenge, question, engage in inquiry, and lead for feminist transformation.
  • Highlight diverse women’s voices to educate, inspire and engage a new generation of students.
  • Administer an annual scholarship program that offers financial support to non-traditional women pursuing professional careers and increased economic self-sufficiency.
  • Provide a space that offers resources and information in a framework of respect, diversity and support.