Sexual Violence and Misconduct

Report It

If you are in immediate danger, call 911.

You can make a report at any time, however, you are encouraged to make a report as soon as possible after an incident. You should not be discouraged from reporting weeks, months or in some cases, even years later. 

For your medical well-being we highly encourage you to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

The following reporting options are not confidential.

Report to St. Cloud State University

File a report online


File a report in person:

Chocoletta Simpson
Vice President for Equity and Inclusion & Title IX Coordinator
Office for Institutional Equity & Access, AS 121
(320) 308-5123

Meeting request form

Report to Law Enforcement

You have the right to file a report with the Police as well as the University. Contacting law enforcement does not require you to pursue legal action.

  • St. Cloud Police Department (320) 345-4444 or 911

  • Campus Public Safety (320) 308-3333
    Public safety officers are not police, however they can make a report for campus and help you contact a police officer.

Information about reporting

Deciding to report and confidential support

What happens when you report on campus

What happens when you report to law enforcement

Filing a report on behalf of a victim

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