Sexual Violence and Misconduct

How to Help

Sexual assault can traumatize not only the victim/survivor, but also family and friends. One of the greatest hardships is not knowing how to help. Each person’s reaction to being assaulted is individual and unique.

In general, think about the times in your life when you’ve felt vulnerable or faced a crisis – the death of someone you loved, the end of a marriage, a life-threatening illness, or loss of a job. Remember what helped you the most. Chances are it wasn't any one conversation or any one action, but rather the knowledge that friends believed you, empathized with your pain, were on your side, and were committed to seeing you through hard times. It is important that you provide the same support.

Friends and family

* Portions of this content have been adapted by permission from the Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

After a sexual assault

Relationship violence

What more can you do?

Intimacy issues for partners

Faculty and staff

Mandated Reporting

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Quick Exit (Esc)

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