University Communications

Brand Guidelines

St. Cloud State's Brand Guidelines were developed to help you understand the technical details of our brand. From visual rules to writing standards, use these guidelines any time you are designing or writing university materials or representing the University for any marketing and communication purposes.

The University maintains the policy that the official logotype, signatures and marks outlined in the Brand Guidelines are the only sanctioned marks for use across the university system. No other marks or symbols may be produced or used to represent the University or any of its college or school units.

Sections of the Brand Guidelines represented on this site reflect the most common brand questions. For the full guidelines, read the e-edition or download the PDF.

Guidelines for

  • University logotypes

    'St. C' logo + wordmark make up the university's primary logotype. Can also be used with the tagline.
  • Unit logotypes

    'St. C' logo + Unit + St. Cloud State wordmark make up unit logotypes. We'll create them for you.