Link Shortening

Link Shortener

Enter the URL you want shortened and branded with the University's domain name.


Q: When should I use the URL-shortening tool?

A: An URL is helpful in University publications where space is an issue. Also, people using University publications will be more likely to type a 15-character shortened URL, such as, than a 93-character original URL. Our URLs are especially helpful on Twitter and other social networks where space is at a premium. Finally, an URL creates a less complex QR code that can be scanned more quickly and at greater distances.

Q: Can the tool shorten any URL?

A: Any web addresses from the or websites can be shortened. Only employees and students with a StarID and password can shorten URLs from non-university sites (e.g.,,,

Note: When generating URLs for non-university sites, the URLs must serve a University use such as class materials or University videos on Misuse of the domain name will not be tolerated.

Q: How long are URLs active?

A: These shortened URLs never expire.

Q: Can the random letters after the domain name be customized. Can I make

A: At this time, the system does not support custom URL shortening.

Q: Is there an application programming interface (API)?

A: The URL-shortener was created using the University’s account. The API allows users to integrate third-party software, such as Tweet Deck. For information about using API functionality, contact University Communications at