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Counseling students write for magazine

Counseling students write for October’s Mélange Magazine

Rehabilitation Counseling and Rehabilitation and Addiction Counseling graduate students are sharing their expertise in the October issue of Mélange Magazine with a series of articles.

Eight students worked with a partner, or solo, to write five of the articles in the October issue.

The magazine featured these five stories by St. Cloud State students:

  • Howard Rosenblum leads a life of advocacy” written by Tricia B. Simon and Jaime L. Jensen (both RCE students)
  • “Karen Horne on The Future of Inclusivity in the Entertainment Industry” written by Michael G. Libby (RAC) and Haoming Haung (RCE)
  • “Alan T. Brown: A vacation in the Caribbean changed his life forever” written by Michelle Buonfiglio (RAC) and Jordan Radford (RCE)
  • “From serving milkshakes to ‘Becoming Rentable’” written by Rebecca Petersen (RCE)
  • Jo Joshi: Connecting DMSs and People with Disabilities written by Taylor Mulcahy (RAC)

The issue also featured a story on St. Cloud State professors Dr. Kathryn Johnson and Dr. Amy Herbert Knopf “A story of thankfulness”, about their work together and their journey to working at St. Cloud State.

View the full October edition of Mélange Magazine to view all the stories. Mélange Magazine is a magazine focused content engineered to captivate, inspire and encourage. It includes stories on accessibility, inclusion and equality.