Student Registration & Financial Services

Registration Schedule

When can I Register?

Determine when your registration window opens by looking in eServices under Courses & Registration > Registration Window.

Registration windows are assigned based on total earned credits. Many courses fill up quickly, so you will want to mark this date on your calendar.

Earned Credit Hours Completed

Semester credit hours completed are used to determine priority or eligibility to access the eServices System during advance registration. "Completed" is defined as graded or transfer credits officially posted to your SCSU academic record.This does NOT include current enrollment.

Add Procedure

Full term courses may be dropped or added to a student’s schedule via eServices through the first five days of the term. Courses meeting outside of the regular term dates and Summer term courses have different deadlines for dropping and adding. Please consult eServices under the “View/Modify course schedule” link for specific dates.

Late Add

During the term, permission is required from the academic department offering the course. For permission to add a course after the semester has concluded, use the Registration Petition (pdf) form. 


All financial, academic and other "holds" must be cleared before attempting to register for classes.

Major Students Only

To enroll in courses listed as MAJOR STUDENTS ONLY, you must be officially admitted to a major or program in that department.

Priority Registration

Priority registration is granted for the following groups of students:

  • students with disabilities
  • students who have earned a baccalaureate degree from St. Cloud State
  • students admitted to graduate level programs
  • student athletes
  • students admitted to the honors program in good standing
  • student veterans

Students in the above groups may register at the time indicated on the registration schedule or anytime thereafter.

If students with disabilities need assistance with registration, please contact the Office of Records and Registration, Administrative Services Building, Room 118, (320) 308-2111 or

Registration ACCESS CODE

If you are an undergraduate student currently enrolled in day classes and not yet officially admitted to a major, you must obtain a six-digit access code from your advisor before attempting to register. It is important to schedule advisor appointments at least two-three weeks prior to scheduled registration time. The access code is used only once each term.

* Note: All engineering students must obtain an access code from their adviser in order to register, regardless of date.

Misuse of the Registration System

It is misuse of the registration system for a student to:

  • register for a class or multiple sections of a class with the intent to “save” the class for another student; or
  • register for multiple sections of the same class with the intent to decide at a later date which section to attend.

Students who misuse the registration system will be subject to reduced registration privileges, ranging from the loss of the right to advance register to the deletion of registered courses. Multiple registrations for the same class will be deleted. The student is also subject to possible disciplinary action taken by the university.  The student who adds a “saved” class will also be subject to the actions listed above.

Unauthorized use of the registration system may result in criminal prosecution. A student who tampers or attempts to tamper with the registration of another student may be subject to disciplinary action and/or criminal prosecution.


If you register for a class(es) and stop attending without officially dropping or withdrawing, you will be held responsible for payment and receive your earned grade for the class(es).