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Fall 2022

Spring 2023

Additional information about finals

  1. During the week preceding final examination week each instructor will publicize the day, hour and room for the final examination and indicate how the time will be utilized.
  2. All 1 credit course final examinations will be held on the last regular class meeting of the course before final examination week.
  3. Any student scheduled to have more than two final examinations on one day may request to have one of them rescheduled. Normally, the instructor with the highest numbered course will reschedule. However, if the higher numbered course is one for which a "common" exam is scheduled, the instructor of the next higher numbered, non-common exam course will reschedule. It is the student’s responsibility to request rescheduling of any examination prior to the final withdrawal date of that semester. Disputes should be referred to the appropriate dean.

NOTE: It is university policy that an examination or other appropriate activity be held during the scheduled final exam time.

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