Student Registration & Financial Services

Common Registration Problems

There are many possible reasons for being unable to enroll in a class. Some of the most common reasons are listed below, along with the error message given and possible solutions to the problem.  

Error message: 13 Requested course is full (The course is closed)

The maximum number of students are registered for the course so there are no open seats left. Please contact the instructor/department for override approval to register for the class that is full.

Error message: 12 Course requires special permission (The course requires special permission)

Some courses are set up so that the instructor can monitor exactly who enrolls in the class. These courses require special permission from the instructor/department in order to enroll. Please contact the instructor/department for approval to register.

Some courses offered through the Center for Continuing Studies require permission. Go to Online Education Course Schedules and click on the SCSU Online or Interactive Television course schedule for the semester for which you are interested in registering. Locate the course using the scroll feature and click on “permission required”. Complete the form and  Continuing Studies (320-308-3081) will contact you.

Error message: 6 Student on hold (You have a hold preventing registration)

Please contact the office responsible for the hold to obtain further information about this registration restriction.

Common holds include:

Error message: 68 Student must take/pass test or satisfy course pre-reqs (The course requires prerequisites or test)

Some departments have courses for which you cannot register unless you have completed other courses or have completed and passed various tests.

Please contact the department responsible for the course to request an override of the prerequisite/test requirement, making it possible for you to register.

Error message: 26 Exceeds maximum credits allowed for this term (You cannot enroll in more credits)

The maximum number of credits in which students may enroll for Fall, Spring, or Summer terms, is governed by the following:

  • Undergraduate Students
    • Maximum of 18 credits without any permission
    • More than 18 credits requires overload permission of the College Dean.
  • Graduate Students
    • Maximum of 15 credits without any permission
    • 16 or more credits with overload permission of the Graduate Dean.

Go to Student Forms for both undergraduate and graduate forms.

Error message: 25 Minimum GPA required for this course (The course requires a minimum GPA in order to register)

Please contact the department offering the course or their advising center/student relations coordinator.

Error message: 24 Student program required for this course (The course requires a student program)

If you are receiving the “24” program required error message when registering for the following courses, contact their respective departments:

  • All MBA courses require admission to the MBA program, contact Niki Ebensteiner at 320-308-3212
  • All RAS courses require admission to the RAS program, contact Julie Nienaber at 320-308-2167
  • ENGL 460 requires satisfactory completion of Ed 300, contact the English department at 320-308-3829
  • SPED 425 requires satisfactory completion of Ed 300, contact the Special Education department at 320-308-2041

Error message: 21 Admission Status required for this course (You are not admitted or you are not fully admitted to the University)

  • Undergraduate students should contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 320-308-2244.
  • Graduate students should contact Graduate Studies at 320-308-2113.