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All Covid-19 FAQs

IT Resources: Find student technology needs for online learning, including getting internet access, computer and other technology equipment.

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Student Technology Support or 1-800-456-3876: D2L Brightspace, StarID, Kaltura MediaSpace, Zoom, Office 365 (Teams, Skype, Stream, Email)

St. Cloud State University and the Minnesota State system office are closely following developments related to the international spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

Whether it is a weather closure or emergency, offering classes remotely can help provide continuity or recover lost class time. Review the following resources and instructions on how to continue your learning experience in a remote or online learning environment.


Check Your Email

Check your email
Reminder: E-mail is SCSU’s official form of communication to students.

Use your MinnState ID and StarID password:

If your instructor is using D2L Brightspace

Login to D2L Brightspace

Login to D2L Brightspace with your StarID and password.

Check Announcements in D2L Brightspace for Each of Your Courses

Announcements are found on the home page for each individual course, check often for course and university updates.

Participate in D2L Brightspace Class Discussion

Discussions allow you to participate with your peers and your instructor to stay connected in your course; share ideas, ask questions, offer feedback and work together.

Assignments and Grading in D2L Brightspace

Check on assignment due dates and make sure you understand how you are supposed to submit assignments.

If your instructor is using Zoom

In the event of a university emergency, virtual class meetings may be held through Zoom Video Conferencing.  (this link also contains links to tutorials and support information)

For the best experience, consider using a headset/microphone similar to:

Student Success Tips for Online Learning

  • Ask questions
    Be sure to ask for clarification or discuss any course issues you may have, especially if you are new to online learning. Contact the additional resources provided for assistance as well, we are here to support you.
  • Study Environment
    Find or create a space where you study best and create a routine so you have the time set aside and items that you need to stay organized - internet connection, books, headphones etc.
  • Create a schedule
    Set aside enough time for each week’s work. Setting reminders on your phone or other devices can help you stay on task, use post it notes, keep a calendar. The Pulse app can help you stay on task.
  • Participate often
    Participate with your peers and your instructor to stay connected in your course; share ideas, ask questions, offering feedback and working together are ways to maintain a supportive and active class environment.
  • Keep up!
    Online is flexible but takes at least as much time as learning face-to-face, do not underestimate the time needed to complete your work. If you find yourself behind, contact your instructor right away for options, use their contact information. They are there to help you.  Do not be discouraged if you need assistance, use our resources. It takes time and patience to create new habits.

Star Alert

In the event of an emergency, the Star Alert system will be used to let you know if  campus is closed or if  classes are delayed or  cancelled.

Students Enrolled at St. Cloud State University are automatically added to Star Alert via the cell phone number on file with the University (if one has been provided). All student university email addresses also are included in the Star Alert system and will receive alerts. Please also refer to for the latest updates.

Questions? Ask for Help

Whenever possible, contact your instructor for individual course plans and details. You can use the SCSU Directory search to find individuals or departments.

Tutoring help

Technology help

Contact St Cloud State University’s HuskyTech or call 320-308-7000 as a first step for technology assistance, login information and questions.

D2L Brightspace help

Learning how to access your online classroom to find the course syllabus, course requirements, textbooks, and other equipment will be time well spent.

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