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Schools and Colleges

St. Cloud State is organized into six autonomous colleges and schools, with two schools embedded in the colleges. Colleges and schools offer undergraduate and graduate preparation and programs, and support the work of faculty and students.

The College of Liberal Arts offers major and minor programs in the arts, humanities, and social sciences, as well as professional and graduate programs in 13 departments.

The School of the Arts is committed to excellence in the visual, performing, and digital arts. St. Cloud State is the only university in Minnesota to have the distinction of national accreditations in art, theatre and music.

The Herberger Business School is one of only seven accredited business colleges in Minnesota. It has eight major courses of study, as well as a Master of Business Administration program.

The School of Public Affairs prepares students for careers in the fields of planning and community development, criminal justice, economics and political science.

The College of Science and Engineering provides learning and research opportunities for students interested in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer science and more.

The School of Computing, Engineering and Environment is designed to connect related programs from the College of Science and Engineering. The school has five departments with 17 majors and minors.

The College of Education and Learning Design prepares high-quality teachers, administrators, counselors, scholars, and other school and community professionals. It has a doctoral program in higher education administration.

The College of Health and Wellness Professions educates students to be nurses, sports scientists, social workers, lab technicians, gerontologists, speech pathologists, counselors, teachers and more.

The University College facilitates the transition to college and supports student success through a range of first-year academic support services.

The School of Graduate Studies administers more than 60 advanced degree programs in five colleges. Annually, more than 3,000 graduate students from more 30 countries work side-by-side with our full-time faculty.

The University Library provides contemporary academic library resources, services and instruction. These enable campus members to access, evaluate, apply, create and communicate information in all formats through a variety of technologies.

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