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Online Student Resources

Online student resources

St. Cloud State University offers a wide range of online courses in various accredited programs.  Our online courses are taught by highly experienced faculty and provide students a flexible and affordable academic journey. St. Cloud State utilizes leading technology to deliver online courses in different formats:

  • Online/Asynchronous- Course is completely online with no required meetings days/times
  • Online/Synchronous- Course is completely online with required meeting days/times
  • Blended/Hybrid- Course Instruction and activities are delivered both in-person and online.  Students are required to attend in-person on the scheduled days and times.
Online students access their course materials through D2L Brightspace, an online learning management system. Students also have access to online accessible resources to help you stay connected to the university.

Questions? Call 320-308-3049 or email


Make a Commitment to Succeed

Staying on top of assignments, remaining in contact with your instructor, and logging in frequently will require an ongoing commitment.  Stay motivated.

Get to Know D2L Brightspace

Learn how to access, navigate and locate course materials in your online course. An orientation course is available for self-registration within D2L Brightspace.

Always Have a Backup Plan

Have a backup plan when your technology fails that provides options to complete your course work.  Upload your work to your free Office365 OneDrive account.

Make Your Mark

Be sure to include your full name in your emails and discussion posts.  Also, update your D2L Brightspace profile.

Read and Respond to Emails

Email is your primary mode of communication as an online student.  Respond in a timely manner to emails sent by your instructor or classmate.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask Questions

If you are unable to find your answers in the syllabus, course announcements, or emails, contact your instructor.

Time Management is Important

Online courses require as much time as on-campus classes. Make a schedule! Plan to devote about 12 hours a week to most three-credit courses.

Take Advantage of Tutoring Options

If you find yourself struggling in your online courses, take advantage of free tutoring on campus or visit for free tutoring services.

Speak Up!

It is your responsibility to contact and communicate with your instructor if you encounter technological, instructional, or personal problems in your online course.

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