Herberger Business School Internship Program

Guidelines for Internship Paper - 344

IS Majors

Please read and understand these requirements before you start your internship.
The Internship Paper is required of every student taking a Herberger Business School Internship for credit.

A) Contents
Use the following section numbers and titles in bold in the paper.

1: Brief discussion of the firm or organization sponsoring the internship

1.1 General Information: Name, location, type of industry, total number of employees, historical information of the organization, vision, mission, and significant achievements of the organization.

1.2 Organizational Structure: Include an organizational chart, if available, and describe the organizational structure.

2: Information System infrastructure

Provide a detailed description of the information system infrastructure employed by the organization. Include information on platforms, technology vendors, whether the technology is in-house/purchased/outsourced, etc. For larger organizations, you may substitute the same information for your department rather than for the entire organization.

3: Detailed description of your work

3.1 Schedule: Describe your week-by-week work in a table with gridlines. Include orientation, training sessions, meetings, tasks, accomplishments, etc.

3.2 Description of the projects:

3.2.1 Type and length of each project, and your role in each project.

3.2.2. Scope, task, problem statement, cause and effects, constraints, deliverables.

4: Discussion of Learning Objectives

List each Learning Objective and discuss your progress made toward that individual Objective during the course of the internship.

5: Course(s) that helped in the internship

Provide the following information for each course including non-business courses.

  • Course number and name
  • How it was useful
  • How it might be improved to be more useful.

6: Overall impression of the internship experience

Be very specific in your description.

6.1 Internship contribution to the company

6.2 Internship contribution to self-improvement

B) Formatting

1. Your work should be very professional, neatly typed (not handwritten!) on 8 ½” by 11” white paper.

2. Cover page should have the name of the company or organization, your name, the semester you interned, course number and the dates of your internship.

3. Double-space the text, and use 11pt, Times New Roman font.

4. Number the pages in the bottom right hand corner of the page, excluding the cover page.

5. Duplex or two-sided printing, starting with the first page of text (not the cover page).

6. Separate paragraphs appropriately, and use tables and figures as necessary.

7. Proofread before submission. Avoid any grammatical errors. Use The Write Place if necessary.

8. Do not use of plastic covers. Simply staple the paper in the upper left-hand corner.

C) Process

a) Follow the above requirements to complete your paper. Use the checklist below before submitting it.

b) Please check the Requirements section of this website for the deadline.

c) The Internship Office and the Department Chair will review each paper.

d) The Internship Office will contact you to review the Department Chair’s feedback.

  1. If paper is not approved and needs a revision, follow these steps:
    1. Meet with the Department Chair to discuss the revisions if necessary.
    2. Submit the revised paper with original version of the paper and the cover sheet to the Internship Office to review by the Department Chair.
  2. If the paper is approved and the student signs the consent form, it will be retained in the company’s file in the Internship Office.

D) Checklist
Before turning your internship paper in to the Internship Director, please review the following items to make certain that your paper complies.

_____ Cover page with all required information

_____ Spell-check completed

_____ Grammar-check completed

_____ Write Place review, if appropriate

_____ Double-spaced pages, 11pt, Times New Roman font

_____ Front and back printing starting with the first page of text

_____ Section headings in bold

_____ Page numbers in the bottom right hand corner starting with the first page of text

_____ Staple in the upper left-hand corner – no plastic covers

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