Herberger Business School Internship Program

Requirements to Receive Grade

To receive a grade for an internship course, students must complete the following:

  1. Week-by-week duties (submitted to the course D2L site at end of semester)
  2. Written report emailed to Internship Coordinator (gdhuwe@stcloudstate.edu)
  • Week-by-Week List:
    The week-by-week list must be uploaded to the internship D2L site at the end of the internship semester regardless of if the internship is continuing beyond the semester. See the internship D2L site for a sample and more details.

  • Written Report: The written report deadline depends on when you're graduating:

    Graduating same semester as your internship
    Complete the written report 2-3 WEEKS before the semester's end. This will allow time for the report to be reviewed and for changes to be made by you. NOTE: If the written report is submitted the last week of the semester, we cannot guarantee that it will be reviewed in time for graduation.

    Graduating in the future:
    Complete the report by Week 5 of the next semester that you’re enrolled in a course at SCSU. For example, if you intern in the Summer, you can complete the report by Week 5 of Fall semester. NOTE: If a student is participating in multiple internship semesters at the same company, the student may choose to submit one written report at the end of all the semesters; however, the final report must discuss all of the semesters. Grades for previous semesters cannot be issued until the report is submitted and approved.

The link below will provide the specific guidelines for the MBA internship report:

The written report is different from the week-by-week list (discussed above and on the internship D2L site). Although the week-by-week list will likely be included in the formal written report, the report must contain significantly more information than the list.

In addition, the written report must be professionally written (with accurate grammar, formatting, spelling, etc.). Before submitting your paper, please review and follow the HBS Proofreading Guide.